Institution of marriage... a bliss or a reason to not bother???

June 09, 2012 12:01
Institution of marriage... a bliss or a reason to not bother???

With the kind of 'live in' relationships, pre marital sex ka culture prevailing in and our society even accepting it, at once all these might seem becoming a question for the existence of the institution of marriage as such...

But, it is a bliss to see more success rate of a relationship when bound in the institution of marriage as such, that makes me share the importance of marriage, once again, in particular at this time, when we are forgetting about it;

Among various social issues, marriage is probably the most important and significant. Marriage is the foundation stone of family structure in most of the societies around the world. Along with marriage, divorce and cohabitation are important social issues too. Marriage is considered to the most sacred bond between two human beings as they commit themselves in spending the rest of their lives together. Belief and trust are the two fundamental criteria for marriage. It is also society's way of sanctioning the act of procreation. Love and bonding need to be there in any marriage. A lot of responsibilities are associated with marriage. However, with the changing and evolving society, the concept of marriage is also evolving.

The Importance of Marriage has been stressed by many learned men from ancient times. Even in the world of scientific advancements and modern technology, researchers have found out that Marriage's Importance is quite remarkable. Adult health and well being are very much related to marriage, and as such the Importance of Marriage cannot be undermined. Though the the manner and forms of marriages have gone through transformation, but the fundamental aspect have remained the same.

It has often been said that marriages are made in Heaven, and therefore, a suitable and right partner is very much of a necessity to lead a very happy and satisfied life. In various societies in the world, there are primarily two types of Marriages, namely love marriages and arranged marriages. In love marriages, two adults decide to engage themselves in the holy matrimony of love, and in the other the families of the bride and the groom play a very active and significant role in determining the match for marriage. Thus, Importance of Marriage is very much respected and accepted in all types of societies. Many social scientists have found out that married people are happier than unmarried people and are capable of living longer lives than unmarried people. A person's both physical and emotional needs are satisfied in a healthy relationship of marriage. Married couples, it has been found, tend to be far more happier than unmarried, divorced or couples who are living together. The problems of alcoholism are far more less in married people as they tend to lead very satisfied lives. Human beings are emotional animals, and marriage is the best possible source through which individuals can get emotional support from their partners. The Importance of Marriage also lies in the fact that married people tend to live healthier lives than others. About seventy percent of chronic drinkers are either divorced or single.

Marriage is the social communion between two consenting individuals who decide to rear a family together. For an individual's mental and general health, marriage is very important. It has been found out that many people who are not married tend to go into depression and other such mental frustrations. The happiness factor is extremely important in a family and subsequently in a society. A number of modern day researchers have proved the importance of Marriage.

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