Same from tip to toe…

January 03, 2012 13:17
Same from tip to toe…

How to be the same from tip to toe? Be it your way of dressing, behavior, body language, personality or Skin tone, it is necessary for you to be the same from tip to toe… well, this is not possible if our skin is being faced the ‘tanning’… we apply lot of creams, bleach the tanned skin every now and then, but could not find much of a difference… apart from applying the very affective Tomato Pury, here are some more tips to get rid of skin tanning;

Take 2tsp of mashed papaya, 1/4tsp of soda bicarbonate, 1/4tsp of salt. Mix them into a scrub like paste. Apply it all over the exposed areas. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off with cool water. The salt will scrub away dead skin while papaya will polish the newly appeared skin.

Add a pinch of turmeric (haldi) to chilled yoghurt and apply to face , neck and arms daily for 30 minutes before having a bath.

2tsp of pounded lemon rind and mix in 2tsp basil paste, 1tsp china clay and 2tsp cold milk. Apply on the face leave on till dry and wash off. Lemon helps clean away the oil and grime.

Apply half a grated cucumber with 2tsp of milk powder and a few drops of lemon juice. Keep on till dry and wash off. Milk is a natural oftener whereas cools and lightens your skin instantly.

Mix 2 tsp of oatmeal in ½ cup mashed ripe papaya and 1tsp honey. Apply, scrub in slightly and wash of after 2 minutes.

Well, take these precautions as well, for that ‘tan’ not to affect you at a major extent;

Always wash your face and hands as soon as you reach home from outside.

Apply good quality sun screen lotion when you step out in sun.

If your riding your two wheeler in sun then you can cover your hands with glouse.

You can also apply;

Mixture of almond powder and milk leave it to dry and wash with cold water.
Sandal wood powders mixed with rose water and leave it overnight and wash it.

Egg white leave dry and wash it.

A mixture of carrot juice and milk.

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