Tips to get a Smooth and Radiant Skin

September 05, 2020 19:09
Tips to get a Smooth and Radiant Skin

Tips to get a Smooth and Radiant Skin:- There are several face packs available in the market to get a glow to your skin and keep your skin radiant. Fruit packs are the best alternatives to bring a glow to the skin. These can be done and applied at home without visiting a parlor during this coronavirus pandemic time. The homemade fruit packs are natural and are quite easy to be made and applied to your skin. These make your skin smooth, clear and they glow. Here are some of the fruit face packs to make your skin smooth and radiant:


Three tablespoons of mango pulp with a teaspoon of ground almonds, lemon juice and oats. Apply them gently on your face avoiding around the eyes and lips. Remove the pack after 30 minutes.

Take the slices of ripe mango and make it smooth. Add a teaspoon of multani mitti and mix it till it turns thick. Apply this paste to the face and neck. Wash it after 30 minutes to get the skin smooth.


Three teaspoons of ripe papaya and mix it with three teaspoons of oats and one teaspoon of curd and honey. Apply it on your face for 30 minutes and remove it. This softens the skin and gets the glow.


Banana pulp can be mixed with egg white and add one teaspoon of honey. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it. Add almond oil to the pack and this can be applied during the dry winter season.

Take one banana and add a teaspoon of honey along with few drops of lemon juice. Add honey and lemon juice to make it into a paste. Apply it on your face and other places of skin. Apply it and keep it for 30 minutes. Wash it after 30 minutes.


Apple juice can be applied directly on to the skin and wash it with plain water after 20 minutes. You can also mix oats with curd and honey along with the apple juice to make it a thick paste and apply it.


Pomegranate juice and lemon juice can be mixed in equal quantities and it can be applied on the face. Wash it after 20 minutes with water. It can be dried and powdered to use as a face pack.


Pink and red grapefruits are rich in Vitamin A, lycopene and carotene. You can mix the juice with oats to make it a paste. You can apply this to your skin and wash it after it completely dries. This can remove blackheads.

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