Time To Stop Using These Things On Face

July 03, 2020 15:46
Time To Stop Using These Things On Face

Time To Stop Using These Things On Face:- Most of them are worried about their skin as they are unable to spend ample time and take care of their skin. They are many things that should be used to bring a natural glow to the skin and there are several things that you should avoid. As the skin texture and quality varies for every person, it is not suggested to follow the techniques that some others use. Here are some of the ingredients that you must completely avoid using for your face:

Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is used to get a taste for the food and is also used to improve the quality of your hair. Mayonnaise should be completely avoided to use on the skin. it will clog the pores and makes it rough.

Baking Soda: It should be avoided as it makes your skin extremely dry and as a result, your skin loses its natural moisture.

Shampoo: Sometimes the shampoo trickles down from your head on to the face. Try to avoid this as it makes your skin dry and flaky.

Lemon: There are several suggestions of using lemon juice to the skin. But lemon harms your skin and direct application of lemon on to the skin produces bad results.

Body Lotion: Some of them blindly applies body lotion on their faces and this leads to acne breakouts. the body lotion should be strictly avoided for your face as it has a thicker consistency than the creams.

Soap: For face cleaning, take the suggestions about the soap from your dermatologist. Never use regular soap to clean your face as it keeps your skin dry and makes it itchy.

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