How to keep your kids safe this summer

March 26, 2015 12:59
How to keep your kids safe this summer

Summer holidays are the most awaited holidays for children. They provide great time for children to experience new things, to grow in different directions and to spend time with friends and family. During this season parents must be very cautious to take concern about their children safety and security.  Some parents many leave their children at home if they are working. During this time you must take some tips to ensure their safety.

Following are some safety and security tips for the parents who are responsible about their children:

1.    Ensure that all windows are firmly locked or are fitted with child-proof window guards, and make sure beds and cots and other climbable furniture are located away from windows.

2.    It is good to have home security system that has remote reporting capabilities. With the real time reporting and alarm activation features definitely one can avoid accidents or any mischief activities done by thieves.

3.    Always supervise young children about water. Make sure to take necessary precautions while going out for water places. Even in home the wading pools and other containers should be emptied immediately after use.

4.    Make time to discuss safe online and social media behavior with your children.  Talk to them about the dangers of revealing holiday plans on Facebook, Twitter or to strangers online. As some savvy thieves will be cautious to know when home is likely to be vacant.

5.    If children are old enough, make sure they know how to dial 000. Practice an evacuation plan so family members know how to get out of the house in the event of a fire or any accident.

6.    Ensure children know who is allowed in the home when parents are at work. Lock all the doors if you are moving out and better to fix the intercom entrance system fitted so that children don’t feel vulnerable to open the front door.

7.    Lock up all the machines and lighters. Never leave your children unattended near an open flame.

8.    Don’t let the security of the home fall down the priority list. As it is summer season, keep your windows open to circulate the air. If it is not safe to open the doors or windows try other methods to reduce heat.

9.    Don’t leave any medications outside the cupboard. Securely store them out of arm reach with a child lock to help prevent poisoning.

10.    Make sure to keep the first aid kit in available area. If any fire accident or any incident occurs, children must be able to locate the kit easily.

Follow the above mentioned Top 10 safety and security tips to avoid problems during this summer.

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