Google provides “undo send” feature to cancel delivery of wrongly sent mail

June 24, 2015 10:42
Google provides “undo send” feature to cancel delivery of wrongly sent mail

Google will be providing an option to make it easier to avoid getting into trouble with a misdirected or inappropriate email. Google has introduced an option to cancel the delivery of an email within 30 seconds after hitting the send button and made it a standard safeguard in Google's Gmail.

Gmail users can now the activate the protection in Gmail's settings. The tool will delay the delivery of emails from five to 30 seconds after the send button is hit, to give users a chance to retrieve the email which is mistakenly sent to the wrong person or is an ill-conceived communique.

Google Gmail Undo Send Option

The ''undo send'' feature had been in Google's experimental labs for several years, requiring Gmail users to take extra steps to get it.

This is a welcome step from Gmail. Many users had occasions in which they have sent the mail to a wrong address, but only realized after hitting the send button. Now the mail sending can be cancelled. This feature will definitely save the users from many embarrassing moments.

Googles new innovative features are helping the users in a great way. Recently, Google had introduced the system of logging in through two pages by making the password option in a different page.

By Premji

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