Building Peace into the Marital Relationship..

April 01, 2013 17:31
Building Peace into the Marital Relationship..

Building a relationship and giving a marital status for our 'love' has become not so difficult these days... thanks to the rapport between parents and children that is increasing day by day, when children let out about their 'love' to their parents, instead of directly opposing many parents are thinking about this, meeting the partner chosen by their son/daughter, if everything goes well, meeting their parents and as a result, even love marriages are happening with the due concern of family and relatives of the bride and groom.

But, why the divorce rate in couples is increasing year by year??? Irrespective of love or arranged marriage, why the couples who want to end their relationship are seen more regularly than earlier?

The answer is known to us… but we refuse to accept the same... and this is, loving our - self more than required, in the name of self - respect, refusing to adjust to will of our partner at least in some situations where compromise is required, taking each and every small situation as a bigger issue and making a mess out of it and more important, involving elders in your relationship...

There could be a problem with in - laws, your partner not understanding your certain behavioral traits or actions or thought process, instead of making them understand and adjusting for a certain extent with your in – laws, why is the reason to get hyper and make a mess out of every situation? Are you're in - laws not the parents of the person whom you love the most? Then what is the harm in taking their nonsense at least to a bearable extent and if things get worst then deal the situation in a matured way, rather than staying together and fighting every minute, staying close by to your in - laws and being happy?

Of course, all those dear partners out there, you need to understand your spouse scenario as well. for you, who would stay at home for couple of hours and that too with your parents and partner, any situation might appear to be simple, but your partner is living all the day with your parents who are her in - laws... observe the behavioral traits of both your partner and parents, analyze the situations and if necessary, stay in other home, close by to your parents... this way you can satisfy both, your partner and parents and most important avoid any ego clash that would lead to a break up of your relationship...

It is not just problems with in - laws and relatives... ego can break a healthy relationship as well... so, remember, just like when you were in love, you have let gone many situations and kept aside your ego, similarly, after marriage, practice the same magic to re-invent your relationship to the best, each day...

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