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  • Nipah Virus deaths, Nipah Virus new, nipah virus medical emergency in kerala, World health organization

    Nipah Virus: Medical Emergency In Kerala 02 June 2018

    Nipah Virus: Medical Emergency In Kerala:- Nipah Virus created a stir in Kerala and despite of taking all the necessary norms, the death toll has been taking a rise on regular basis. The latest victim for the deadly Nipah Virus...

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    WHO Coronavirus updates, World Health Organization, three new drugs considered to treat coronavirus, World health organization

    Three New Drugs Considered To Treat Coronavirus 12 August 2021

    Three New Drugs Considered To Treat Coronavirus:- The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that it is testing three drugs that are used for other diseases to find if they can treat the patients who are contracted with coronavirus. The WHO...

    Keywords: WHO Coronavirus news, Artestunate, WHO Coronavirus research, WHO Coronavirus

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    Pollution, Pollution, allergies more unbearable, World health organization

    Allergies more unbearable 23 March 2015

    The season of cherry blossoms, baseball and birdsong, not to mention itchy eyes, red noses and sore throats, are all results of pollution. A study presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society, found that two common pollutants...

    Keywords: Pollution, Ulrich Poschl, Pollution, Allergy

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    WHO, WHO, undiagnosed syndrome kills 61 children in cambodia, World health organization

    Undiagnosed syndrome kills 61 children in Cambodia 05 July 2012

    The World Health Organization has said that at least 61 children were killed in Cambodia due to disease for the past three months. WHO has also said that 62 children were admitted to hospitals from April this year and they...

    Keywords: World Health Organization, 60 die in Cambodia, World Health Organization, WHO

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    South-East Asia, Air Pollution killed 7 million in 2012, air pollution killed 7 million in 2012, World health organization

    Air Pollution killed 7 million in 2012 26 March 2014

    World Health Organization [WHO] has revealed that about seven million died in the year 2012 due to air pollution and this emerged as the single largest environmental health risk globally. 1 in 8 global deaths were linked with air pollution...

    Keywords: Health News, Air Pollution killed 7 million in 2012, Air Pollution, Air Pollution

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    Bharat Biotech, Bharat Biotech EUA, bharat biotech waiting for who s approval for covaxin, World health organization

    Bharat Biotech waiting for WHO's approval for Covaxin 26 May 2021

    Bharat Biotech waiting for WHO's approval for Covaxin:- Bharat Biotech produced Covaxin for coronavirus which got approved in India and is under production. Bharat Biotech said that they are expecting an approval from the World Health Organization (WHO) for the...

    Keywords: Bharat Biotech news, Bharat Biotech EUA, Bharat Biotech, Bharat Biotech news

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    Coronavirus in India, Coronavirus cases, coronavirus spreads to every region in china, World health organization

    Coronavirus Spreads to Every Region in China 30 January 2020

    Coronavirus Spreads to Every Region in China:- The dangerous Coronavirus is spreading fast across China even after the country remained shut. The death toll in the country reached 170 and the people are left in the panic stage. The health...

    Keywords: Coronavirus medicine, Coronavirus China, Coronavirus total deaths, Coronavirus vaccine

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    UPA government, Polio cases, india to become polio free country, World health organization

    India to become polio free country 07 January 2014

    For the past two years there were not polio cases in the country and if no polio cases are registered by January 13th then World Health Organization (WHO) would declare India as a polio free country, said Union Health Minister...

    Keywords: Gulam Nabi Azad, Gulam Nabi Azad, Polio cases in India, World Health Organization

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    , Medical officer of health, 4 more struck with swine flu, World health organization

    4 more struck with Swine Flu 28 July 2012

    To add to the list of the people struck by swine flu 4 new patients were tested positive for H1N1 on Friday. The total number of people infected with swine flu now stands at 15 already this month in Pune...

    Keywords: , World health organization, casualty, H1N1

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    World Health Assembly, Appolo Hospitals in Banjara Hills, apollo bike rally, World health organization

    Apollo Bike rally 30 May 2013

    Today is World No Tobacco day.  Apollo Hospital made a novel way of bringing awareness among the youth as to the deadly effect of tobacco on the human beings. Apollo hospital in collaboration with the Harley Davidson Motor Bikes organized...

    Keywords: gutka, WHO, awareness, World No Tobacco day

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    fairness creams, cosmetic products in India, fairness creams are fatal who report, World health organization

    Fairness creams are fatal: WHO report 14 June 2012

    Do you often feel uneasy to step out of your home until you apply fairness creams, lipsticks and eye liners? If yes then you are at risk of damaging your kidneys and nervous system. These are not my words but...

    Keywords: fairness creams, World Health Organization, cosmetic products in India, World Health Organization

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    child, children exposed to air pollution, over 90 of world s children open to toxic air says who, World health organization

    Over 90% Of World's Children Open To Toxic Air, Says WHO 01 November 2018

    Over 90% Of World's Children Open To Toxic Air, Says WHO:- Day-after-day around 93 percent of the world's children under the age of 15 (1.8 billion children) breathe contaminated air that puts their health and growth at serious risk, the...

    Keywords: world health organization, child, air pollution in India, child

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