• Telangana news, Critisms on TRS leaders in Warangal election campaigns, back to back criticisms on trs in warangal, Sms

    Back to back criticisms on TRS, in Warangal 09 November 2015

    It seems that, it would be tough for the TRS, to win in Warangal bypolls. Right from the beginning, TRS leaders said that, they are not at all worried about the result of Warangal bypolls, as TRS party is anyway...

    Keywords: Telangana news, Warangal bypolls, TRS Warangal, TRS Warangal

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    Cancer Council Queensland, sun protection, sms can save you from skin cancer, Sms

    SMS can save you from Skin Cancer 09 February 2015

    A new study has revealed that SMS can save your life by improving skin cancer prevention and promote sun protection. The researchers of Cancer Council Queensland and University of Queensland, have conducted this study for a period of 12 months...

    Keywords: Preventative Medicine, University of Queensland, Text messages, SMS skin cancer

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    door delivery liquor in AP, liquor door delivery, send sms for liquor door delivery, Sms

    Send SMS for liquor door delivery 24 July 2015

    The Andhra Pradesh government has permitted the liquor shop owners to supply liquor through door delivery too.Be it due to increasing the sales or withe intention of providing better service to the customer, the AP government came out with an...

    Keywords: liquor door delivery in AP, liquor door delivery, liquor door delivery in AP, door delivery liquor in AP

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    lift, SMS, government lifts ban on bulk sms mms, Sms

    Government lifts ban on bulk SMS, MMS 30 August 2012

    The government's ban which had received much criticism though intended for the security of the people had been lifted with immediate effect on Thursday on August 30. The lift had come one day earlier than stipulated. The Home Ministry had...

    Keywords: ban, lift, lift, ban

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    JNU issue, JNU issue, jnu row rahul gandhi a traitor nation says, Sms

    JNU row: Rahul Gandhi, a traitor, nation says! 18 February 2016

    Allahabad court accepted the case, that was filed, alleging Rahul Gandhi, a traitor, upon supporting JNU students and conducting a meeting in the campus.  Additional chief judicial magistrate Sushil Kumar, sought the court to accept the petition, according to IPC...

    Keywords: Rahul Gandhi JNU criticisms, India news, Rahul Gandhi JNU criticisms, JNU issue

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    world's largest pharmacy, Rainforest, rainforest amazon wildest beauty on the earth, Sms

    Rainforest Amazon....Wildest beauty on the Earth! 06 March 2013

    "Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal." Edward O. Wilson (An American biologist, researcher, theorist, naturalist and author). About the Rainforests... Rainforests are forests characterized by high rainfall, with definitions based on...

    Keywords: Amazon, Rainforest Amazon, temperate rainforest, Rainforest information

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    SMS campaign by TDP, Pongal gift Telangana formation overall appreciation, pongal gift telangana formation overall appreciation politicking wishesh, Sms

    Pongal gift Telangana formation overall appreciation? : Politicking Wishesh 13 January 2013

    Namaskaram andi! Hope you are enjoying your special exclusive from Wishesh. We wish all the ardent readers a 'Happy Pongal', while we try to bring out how the public like you & me feel about the present happenings. This is...

    Keywords: Vijayasanti, SMS campaign by TDP, 13 January, T formation

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    electronic communication, text messages, happy birthday sms, Sms

    Happy Birthday SMS 03 December 2012

    After the first SMS, "Merry Christmas", which was sent from a PC to a mobile phone back in 1992, this method of communication boomed shortly after six years becoming the prime mode of messaging between the youth who are short...

    Keywords: twitter, pay-as-you-go, merry christmas, SMS

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    Multiple orgasms, women fail to enjoy love, why women fail to enjoy love, Sms

    Why women fail to enjoy love 15 October 2012

    Why do so many women complain that they're unable to achieve orgasms? Why are beauty magazines screaming with advice, all vying to get your attention, on how best to reach a mindblowing climax? Why do some women fail to enjoy...

    Keywords: women fail to enjoy love, lovemaking sessions, ,

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    Work Bitch Single released, Britney news single, britney gets hotter releases work bitch, Sms

    Britney gets hotter, releases 'Work Bitch' 16 September 2013

    Singer and pop princess Britney Spears finally released her 'Work Bitch' single after much hue and cry over it. For weeks, she had been building up the momentum, which someone took a little too seriously and leaked the video online....

    Keywords: Britney Artwork debut, Britney new look, Work Bitch, Work Bitch

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    free SMS, Google Apps, google launches free sms in mail, Sms

    Google launches Free SMS in mail 12 October 2012

    Yesterday, Google has decided to make a silent release of its latest service on the free email, Gmail providing free messaging all over the world to the users. The service is paid to the Google apps customers though. With this...

    Keywords: free SMS, free SMS, Google, Google

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    Whatsapp, Indians, whatsapp tops chat app, Sms

    Whatsapp tops chat app 08 January 2014

    Whatsapp has emerged the top among apps used by Indians, as the app is virtually used by every second mobile phone user in 2013. According to a recent survey on use of smartphone in India by Informate Mobile Intelligence, almost...

    Keywords: telecom analyst, Sci-tech news, Whatsapp tops chat app, survey on smartphone use

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    secunderabad mla, car driver jayasudha, cab driver irks jaya sudha, Sms

    Cab driver irks Jaya Sudha 12 February 2013

    There could perhaps be no person on earth without fantasies. They could be fine as long as they don't disturb other peace. Otherwise, the person who starts such things might have to end up behind bars just like one Krishna,...

    Keywords: jayasudha cab, jayasudha vulgar sms, car driver jayasudha, car driver jayasudha

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    microblogging, spread, twitter to face government s rage, Sms

    Twitter to face Government's rage 22 August 2012

    Twitter which has not complied to the demands of the Indian government after repeated requests to censor the sensitive content that was being posted on the site by the users might face the wrath of the Indian Government as the...

    Keywords: Department of Telecom, microblogging, Department of Telecom, Youtube

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    texting, love and relationship, love in the age of sms, Sms

    Love in the Age of SMS? 12 November 2013

    Just last day, I met a friend whose new girlfriend won't just stop 'texting' him updates about her day. A loving, caring girlfriend is good, but how do you handle a serial texter? Can torrent of texts translate into greater...

    Keywords: SMS, SMS, texting, Love Messaging

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    automated SMS service, SMS confirmation of wait listed, indian railways steps up its service, Sms

    Indian Railways Steps Up Its Service 09 February 2014

    IRCTC is going to provide automated SMS service to inform confirmation of reservation to wait listed commuters. At present the information is given to those who inquire dialing 139.  But it makes the passengers wait with anxiety and to send...

    Keywords: SMS confirmation of wait listed, Indian Railway SMS confirmation reservation, automated SMS service, automated SMS service

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    , NTR's family, ntr s statue started and ended with criticisms, Sms

    NTR's statue- started and ended with criticisms 07 May 2013

    It is the pride of Telugu people to have their matinee idol turned politician's statue placed in the Parliament.  Although NTR brought a recognition to Telugu land and Telugu people who were previously 'Madrasis' for North Indians, he started a...

    Keywords: NTR’s daughter and Union Minister Purandheswari, TDP MP's, TDP's NTR Statue, NTR's family

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    Eamcet, Eamcet 2013 results, eamcet 2013 results, Sms

    EAMCET 2013 results 05 June 2013

    EAMCET 2013 results are going to be released today at 4.30 pm by the Deputy Chief Minister who is looking after the Ministry of Higher Education.  The results will be released at the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University...

    Keywords: Deputy Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister

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    apex court, 200 sms limit, sc supports trai s 200 sms limit, Sms

    SC supports TRAI's 200 SMS limit 04 December 2012

    The Supreme Court has ordered a stay on the TDSAT, telecom Tribunal's order which earlier had lashed out against the poorly thought out cap of 200 SMS per day per sim. TDSAT has earlier sent a circular against the current...

    Keywords: 200 sms per day, tdsat, tdsat, apex court

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    anxiety, tension, for a happy period, Sms

    For a happy period... 06 December 2012

    Are you facing problems like bloating, fatigue, cramps, headache, digestive problems and mood swings before and during your menstrual cycle? Well, then the best way to get rid of all these is through a proper food intake during this time;...

    Keywords: digestive problems, muscle spasms, potassium, calcium

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