• David Beckham, Fine Jewellery sale, victoria beckham s wedding tiara goes under hammer, Jewellery

    Victoria Beckham's wedding tiara goes under hammer 18 November 2013

    For Spice Girl Victoria Adams and her football star hubby David Beckham, it wasn't less than a fairytale wedding, complete with His and Hers throne. But that wasn't all. The lavish nuptials also saw the bride wear a crown worth...

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    Kamal Haasan, Bharateeyudu, tanishq jewellery s robber explains the plot, Jewellery

    Tanishq Jewellery's robber explains the plot! 27 January 2014

    Popular Jewellery's store Tanishq's robbery case was a sensation. The robber looted about jewelery worth 23 crore and police suspected the Mumbai gang who were convicted 2006 Joy Alukkas robbery. But the police were shocked when the culprit got surrendered...

    Keywords: Tanishq Jewellery's robber explains the plot, Panjagutta, Robbery in Tanishq Jewellery store, Tanishq Jewellery store robbery case

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    dinosaur bones turning jewellery, dinosaur jewellery, turning dinosaurs into jewellery, Jewellery

    Turning dinosaurs into jewellery 30 March 2016

    Yes, as most of the readers guessed, the remains of dinosaurs (bones and meteorites), are now being used to make jewellery and several other fashion accessories.William Henry, a Portland-based design company, is proving that, these rare finds can add a...

    Keywords: dinosaur bones turning jewellery, dinosaur jewellery, dinosaur jewellery, dinosaur bones turning jewellery

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    gold, gold, yellow metal rising at home, Jewellery

    Yellow metal rising at home 06 May 2013

    Gold rates are again moving up in the country due to approaching marriage season irrespective of the global downward trend.  As traders are buying to keep stocks for the demand in the marriage season, the rates have gone up a...

    Keywords: gold and Silver rates are again raising, gold & silver rates are raising again, gold is rising, gold and silver jewellery

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    karan jewellers, Robbery, gunman fires loots rs 5 lakh gold, Jewellery

    Gunman fires, loots Rs 5 lakh gold 05 August 2014

    A lone gunman from nowhere crept inside a jewellery shop, fired at the shopkeeper and looted Gold worth Rupees 5 lakhs.  This shocking incident happened on Monday in Chandigarh at the busy Sector 22-D market and ironically the shop is...

    Keywords: CCTV, karan jewellers, CCTV, gunman robbed jewellery

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    importance of jewellery in Indian culture, maang-tikka significance, significance of indian bridal jewellery, Jewellery

    Significance Of Indian Bridal Jewellery 12 April 2017

    Every culture and tradition has something to signify. The smallest of the practices to putting on any ornament, they all have some story behind them. India being a land of diverse cultures and traditions, dresses its daughters with different ornaments...

    Keywords: maang-tikka significance, importance of jewellery in our life, hindu wedding jewellery, maang-tikka significance

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    thigh jewellery, Thigh gap jewellery, thigh gap jewellery new face of fashion, Jewellery

    Thigh gap jewellery- New face of fashion 30 March 2016

    Soo Kyung Bae, a Singapore designer is the woman behind Thigh gap jewellery, which will be worn in the space between the thighs. “TGap Jewellery, a fictional company, sells jewelleries designed for thigh gaps. Reportedly, it is launched to catalyze a debate on unrealistic body image.”The...

    Keywords: thigh jewellery, thigh jewellery, fashion tips, thigh jewellery

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    World Gold Council, gold jewellery, india s demand of gold increasing significantly, Jewellery

    India’s demand of gold increasing significantly 14 May 2015

    India's gold demand has increased by 22% in the last quarter of the financial year 2014 - 15 to 150.8 tonnes. This is along with a 6% fall in investment-related gold demand, which is at 40.9 tonnes, according to the...

    Keywords: World Gold Council, Gold, India, World Gold Council

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    Jewellery latest, Jewellery latest, five simple ways to care for jewellery during monsoon, Jewellery

    Five Simple Ways to Care for Jewellery During Monsoon 08 July 2019

    Five Simple Ways to Care for Jewellery During Monsoon:- Monsoon season is not a good one for jewellery say experts. Sumeet Dhanraj, Director and Creative Head of Dhanraj Jewellers, and Saumya Ghai, Designer and Merchandiser at Shaya by CaratLane have...

    Keywords: Jewellery updates, Jewellery safe, Jewellery news, Jewellery latest

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    Jewellery, Jewellery, job losses likely on pan card rule, Jewellery

    Job Losses Likely on PAN Card Rule 11 April 2015

    The central government's proposal to make Permanent Account Number (PAN) card mandatory for jewellery purchases above Rs 1 lakh in cash may lead to contraction in the industry and result in job losses in the sector, Titan Company managing director...

    Keywords: PAN card, Titan, PAN card, Income tax

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    Lalitha Jewellery Robbery Trichy, Lalitha Jewellery Robbery, lalitha jewellery robbery prime accused surrenders, Jewellery

    Lalitha Jewellery Robbery: Prime Accused Surrenders 10 October 2019

    Lalitha Jewellery Robbery: Prime Accused Surrenders:- The Lalitha Jewellery robbery that took place in Trichy created a sensation across the country. The prime accused Suresh today surrendered in the Tiruvannamalai court. Suresh had traces of criminal record in the past...

    Keywords: Lalitha Jewellery Robbery case, Lalitha Jewellery Robbery, Lalitha Jewellery Robbery accused, Lalitha Jewellery Robbery latest

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    How to pack jewellery for travelling?, tips to pack jewellery for travelling, easy tips for safely packing jewellery, Jewellery

    Easy tips for safely packing jewellery 11 June 2015

    Are you going on a vacation or picnic? Packing jewellery is a task during travelling. But with a few tricks, you can easily reduce your load. Just carry versatile pieces that you can mix and match. Here are some simple...

    Keywords: How to pack jewellery for travelling?, How to pack jewellery for travelling?, tips to pack jewellery for travelling, tips to pack jewellery for travelling

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    tower smog jewellery, jewellery tower, tower clears smog and creates jewellery, Jewellery

    Tower clears smog and creates jewellery 13 August 2015

    A giant ioniser, which you can see in the video below can suck up all the dirty air and emits fresh air out. Artist Daan Roosegaarde is the man behind this tool. Also read: Huge Ocean may be hidden underneath,...

    Keywords: jewellery tower, tower smog gold, tower smog jewellery, tower smog jewellery

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    Rudramadevi Jewelery, Gunasekhar, anushka wearing more jewellery than aish, Jewellery

    Anushka wearing more jewellery than Aish? 01 July 2013

    Period films created on a large scale call for heavy jewelry. Gunasekhar's new movie Rudramadevi has enough glitter and maybe more. The film's main protagonist, played by Anushka, is believed to be presented with a display of fine jewels worth...

    Keywords: Rudramadevi Jewelery, Rudramadevi movie, Gunasekhar's Rudramadevi movie, Anushka's jewellery in Rudramadevi

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    Tips to choose right jewellery for monsoon, How to choose jewellery during monsoon?, tips to choose right jewellery for monsoon, Jewellery

    Tips to choose right jewellery for monsoon 03 August 2015

    Usually during monsoon season, moisture and humidity levels will be high and this may damage your jewellery. So, experts advise to go for plastic jewellery items that come in bright and vibrant colours. Also they suggest avoiding metallic jewellery during...

    Keywords: Tips to choose right jewellery for monsoon, How to pick perfect accessories for monsoon, monsoon beauty tips, tips to care of jewellery in monsoon

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    Rudhramadevi jewellery robbed, Anushka Rudramadevi Movie Jewellery Missing, rudhramadevi ornaments missing, Jewellery

    Rudhramadevi ornaments missing 21 July 2014

    Gunasekhar's most ambitious project Rudhramadevi film met with a shocking incident. We all know that, Gunasekhar is not compromising on anything to make this film a celluloid wonder and he roped special gold ornaments for Anushka for the title role....

    Keywords: Rudramadevi Jewellery Robbed, Rudramadevi Jewellery Robbed, Robbery In The Sets Of Rudramadevi Movie, Rudhramadevi jewellery robbed

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    Aishwarya Rai, Aishwarya Rai, aishwarya rai encourages child labour, Jewellery

    Aishwarya Rai encourages child labour ? 23 April 2015

    Aishwarya Rai was always away from most of the controversies since long and she was comfortably happy with the life enjoying it as mother, wife, and also actress again. After the re entry, Aish was busy in signing various films,...

    Keywords: Aishwarya Rai, Aishwarya Rai, Aishwarya Rai, Controversy

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    carlton hotel on the promenade in cannes, carlton hotel, theif runs away with jewels worth 40 million euros, Jewellery

    Theif runs away with jewels worth 40 million Euros 29 July 2013

    Authorities at Cannes confirmed a large robbery. The investigators brought into prominence about an armed man stole jewels accompanying an approximated value of 40 million euros (S$67.1 million) in a shameless robbery in broad daylight at a diamond exhibition in...

    Keywords: carlton hotel on the promenade in cannes, french riviera resort, leviev jewellery house., french riviera resort

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    delicate jewellery, fashion tips, 5 upcoming trendy delicate jewellery, Jewellery

    5 upcoming trendy delicate jewellery 04 July 2015

    Heavy jewellery on the body is no more prestige these days, and the word prestige is now replaced with odd. The reason for this is the arrival of delicate jewellery.Also read: 8 trendy, lightweight pantsHere are the five types of...

    Keywords: delicate jewellery, delicate jewellery, fashion tips, fashion tips

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    puzzle portrait, medici palazzo in florence, london luxury fair masterpiece showcased, Jewellery

    London luxury fair Masterpiece showcased! 28 June 2013

    Millionaires accompanied by celebrities overcrowded into the launch of London luxury fair Masterpiece, an annual shopping extravaganza for the rarest art, jewellery and antiques. Remarkably superior items on show on Tuesday night included a huge Roy Lichtenstein painting called Puzzle...

    Keywords: london luxury fair masterpiece, millionaires fair, london celebrities., london clock emporium raffety

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