• casual intimacy is preferred by women, research on casual intimacy, women like casual intimacy as men, Intimacy

    Women like casual intimacy as men 09 May 2015

    When it comes to romance and intimacy, men are more interested and likely to accept casual romance from a stranger than women, according to the seminal 1989 study. But the recent survey has proved that it was wrong.A team of...

    Keywords: study on casual intimacy, men and women love casual intimacy, women prefer casual intimacy, women are similar to men in romance

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    women’s intimacy gets better with age, women’s intimacy desire is more with age, intimacy desire in women increases with age, Intimacy

    Intimacy desire in women increases with age 18 May 2015

    Women are more interested to spice up their romantic life as they grow older. The recent survey conducted by the New York based marketing firm Lippe Taylor and HealthyWomen.org has revealed that women’s sexual desire increases with age and no...

    Keywords: women’s intimacy desire is more with age, women’s intimacy gets better with age, women spice up the sexual encounters, older women intimacy

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    intimacy tips, intimacy tips, 5 mistakes men commit during intimacy, Intimacy

    5 mistakes men commit during intimacy 12 December 2015

    However powerful the men are and how much they earn in an annum, for one thing they have to surrender to their woman. Needless to say, it is intimacy. But the thing is, most men spoil their romantic life, by...

    Keywords: sex tips for men, sex lessons, sex lessons, sex tips

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    sexomnia, sleep disorders linked to intimacy problems, sexomnia now prevalent in bedrooms, Intimacy

    ‘Sexomnia’ now prevalent in bedrooms 29 June 2015

    According to the study by Guy Meadows of The Sleep School and Bensons for Beds it was revealed that one in ten had ‘sexomnia’ during sleep. “Sexomnia” is a condition where a person engages in sexual activity during sleep.For the...

    Keywords: sleep disorders linked to intimacy problems, intimacy problems, sleep disorders linked to intimacy problems, sleep disorders linked to intimacy problems

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    benefits of sex, benefits of sex, more action less stress, Intimacy

    More action, less stress 06 August 2013

    It makes you glow, it makes you happy, it improves your immunity, it keeps you wanting for more. Ask what? It's making love. It's getting more action in the sack. Intimacy with your partner is the perfect stress buster and...

    Keywords: benefits of sex, Love making, how to improve immunity, Intimacy benefits

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    more income earners have more romance, income is related to intimacy, people with rampant intimacy earn more at work, Intimacy

    People with rampant intimacy earn more at work 22 April 2015

    Did u ever think that your romance is related to your earning income? A study at Anglia Ruskin University has proved that people who make their love two to three times a week earn 4.5% more than those who are...

    Keywords: income is related to romance, how to earn more, income is related to romance, More intercourse depicts more earning

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    Love tips, Romance tips, love counts not lust, Intimacy

    Love counts, not lust! 19 May 2015

    When our partner is not interested in intimacy in few situations, we should not force them to do it. Because, it is in those situations, where your actual loyalty comes out. It should be noted an intimacy with our partners...

    Keywords: Love tips, Relation tips, Love tips, Romance tips

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    romantic movies could strengthen relationship, benefits of watching movies with your spouse, tip to strengthen relationship with your spouse, Intimacy

    Tip to strengthen relationship with your spouse 21 July 2015

    Watching movies with spouse can solve relationship problems between the partners, according to a study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.The researchers say that the movie method turned out to be just as effective as traditional marriage...

    Keywords: how to strengthen relationship, tips to strengthen bonding, tips to strengthen bonding, ways to strengthen relationship

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    Tollywood, Controversy, radhika had intimacy before marriage, Intimacy

    Radhika had intimacy before marriage 23 April 2015

    Radhika Apte was continuously in the news be it for her hottest comments on Tollywood recently and also now the controversial comments about the intimate relations.Radhika who was married to Benedict tailor in 2012 is happy with her both personal...

    Keywords: Controversy, Tollywood, Tollywood, Controversy

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    intimacy-sharing passwords, intimacy-sharing passwords, love me then give me your password, Intimacy

    Love me? Then give me your password...! 03 September 2012

    Gen-i has a new test for intimacy-sharing passwords. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't! A recent survey claims that 30% of teenagers who use the internet have shared at least one personal online password with a friend...

    Keywords: couples sharing every thing, give me your password, Love me, intimacy-sharing passwords

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    more intimacy can increase driving skills in men, Men evolved better navigation ability than women, more intimacy can increase better navigation skills in men, Intimacy

    More intimacy can increase better navigation skills in men 25 May 2015

    Men evolved better navigation ability than women, according to a recent study. The study was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.The researchers proved this by testing and interviewing dozens of members of the Twe and Tjimba tribes in...

    Keywords: men can travel farther than women, Navigation skills of men got better with more intimacy, men driving skills are improved with intimacy, men can travel farther than women

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    sara loren sexy, deepika padukone hot, slideshow intimacy in bollywood, Intimacy

    SLIDESHOW: Intimacy in Bollywood 01 March 2013


    Keywords: saif and deepika, deepika padukone hot, randeep hooda, paoli dam

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    benefits of longer relationship, How to have strong relationship, love your wife as marital romance gets a second wind, Intimacy

    Love your wife as marital Romance gets a second wind 21 April 2015

    It is an open secret that the intimacy between the married couples comes down with time. But the researchers from three Universities in the Southern US stated that couples whose marriages last longer than half a century experience a rebound....

    Keywords: staying with wife makes Romanceual rebound, staying with wife makes Romanceual rebound, lengthy relationship promotes Romanceual rebound, benefits of longer relationship

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    sex drive, sex drive, how to be on the same page with your partner sexually, Intimacy

    How to be on the same page with your partner sexually? 03 January 2014

    Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to love-making? No? Never mind, we bring you some best expert tips to ax the sexual disconnection and boost intimacy like never before.  Lovemaking is like a symphony...

    Keywords: sex life, coitus interruptus method, sex drive, partner

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    How to spice up your intimacy in busy lives?, Simple tips to reverse up your romantic life, tips to master the art of lovemaking, Intimacy

    Tips to master the art of lovemaking 09 July 2015

    Most of the modern day couples are busy with their professions and the love making tends to be a back seat in their to-do list. If you want to reverse your romantic life, follow these simple tips and let the...

    Keywords: How to spice up your intimacy in busy lives?, romance tips, how to strengthen your relationship with partner, How to spice up your intimacy in busy lives?

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    sociologists, national convention of sociologists, hook up culture exposed through study, Intimacy

    Hook-up culture exposed through study 14 August 2013

    According to a study into so-called hook-up culture demonstrated on Tuesday by two researchers at the University of Portland in Oregon at a national convention of sociologists in New York. It emphasizes that to some extent a smaller number of...

    Keywords: New York, national convention of sociologists, Hook-up culture exposed, Oregon

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    reasons for more intimacy, intimacy decreased with longer relationship, more intimacy may decrease your desire, Intimacy

    More intimacy may decrease your desire 15 May 2015

    More intimacy between the partners doesn’t make the partners happy but it could actually decline the interest of having intimacy. It was proved by the team from Carnegie Mellon University including an Indian based researcher. The desire of having more...

    Keywords: reasons for more intimacy, more intimacy may decrease your desire, more romance side effects, more romance decreases romantic drive

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    intimacy, love-making, want it ask for it, Intimacy

    Want it, ask for it 04 July 2013

    Remember when you both first met? It was a classic case of 'can't keep our hands off each other'. Somewhere along the line, responsibilities caught up with you and now there is simply no time for intimacy. Wait! Is that...

    Keywords: spontaneous moments, Intimacy in relationships, spontaneous moments, spontaneous moments

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    sexual dreams, wet dreams, who wants it more, Intimacy

    Who wants it more 13 July 2013

    There have been plenty of studies over the years trying to decipher if men think more about making love. As more and more research on this piles up, it's becoming obvious that there is no need to stereotype men and...

    Keywords: Making love, intimacy, dreams about intimacy, dream studies

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    vagina heath care tips, health tips for vagina, 4 things to stop doing to vagina, Intimacy

    4 Things to stop doing to vagina 19 October 2015

    When there are healthy tips for vagina, here we shall know about a few of the 'do nots' to the vagina. 1. Stay away from steaming Vagina Gwyneth Paltrow says, “sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination...

    Keywords: intimacy, health tips for vagina, health tips for vagina, vagina heath care tips

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