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  • thunderstorm, Indian Meteorological Department news, imd issues warning for new delhi and haryana, Indian meteorological department

    IMD Issues Warning For New Delhi And Haryana 08 May 2018

    IMD Issues Warning For New Delhi And Haryana:- With summer temperatures bringing the heat all over and dust storms creating a havoc across UP and Rajasthan, thunderstorms are now creating tough times across North India. The Indian Meteorological Department predicted...

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    Indian Meteorological Department, YK Reddy, telangana to witness thunderstorms in next 48 hours, Indian meteorological department

    Telangana To Witness Thunderstorms In Next 48 Hours? 05 June 2017

    Telangana To Witness Thunderstorms In Next 48 Hours?:- According to a statement issued by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) on Sunday, the Telangana State is likely to witness thunderstorms in the next 48 hours. The arrival of monsoon over the state...

    Keywords: Indian Meteorological Department, 48 Hours, YK Reddy, 48 Hours

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    coastal Andhra, Cyclone, cyclone to hit andhra, Indian meteorological department

    Cyclone to hit Andhra ? 08 October 2014

    Indian Meteorological Department [IMD] reported a deep depression in the North Andaman sea and neighbouring southeast Bay of Bengal which could turn into a cyclone in the next 12 hours. Odisha is likely to get least affected by this cyclone...

    Keywords: Bay of Bengal, Bay of Bengal, cyclone in Bay of Bengal, cyclone in Bay of Bengal

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    Telangana rains, IMD, heavy rain alert for telangana, Indian meteorological department

    Heavy Rain Alert for Telangana 03 September 2019

    Heavy Rain Alert for Telangana:- Telangana state is left shattered with continuous rains. Now the state will continue to receive heavy rainfall in the next three days in the state. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a warning of heavy...

    Keywords: IMD, Telangana updates, Telangana news, Telangana

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    Telangana rains new updates, Telangana rains updates, imd predicts heavy rain for telangana, Indian meteorological department

    IMD Predicts Heavy Rain For Telangana 26 September 2020

    IMD Predicts Heavy Rain For Telangana:- The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) hinteed that Telangana will witness heavy rains for the next five days starting from Saturday. Hyderabad received a huge shower since morning and the commuters suffered badly because of...

    Keywords: Telangana weather, Telangana rains, Telangana rains alerts, Telangana rains latest

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    temperature, Indian Meteorological Department, rainy tuesday morning in delhi, Indian meteorological department

    Rainy Tuesday morning in Delhi 31 July 2012

    With the early morning rains on Tuesday, Delhi's minimum temperature had gone down the average temperature at 25.4 degrees Celsius. TheIndian Meteorologica Deparment has also predicted the forecast to be cloudy with more rains for the city. At the Safdarjung...

    Keywords: Indian Meteorological Department, rainy morning, temperature, Indian Meteorological Department

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    improve, improve, rains to improve in the coming days met department, Indian meteorological department

    Rains to improve in the coming days: Met Department 26 July 2012

    The much awaited and crucial rains in the monsoon are to improve in the coming days, said the chief of the weather office of India on Thursday. This is expected to cover up for the scarcity of the rainfall that...

    Keywords: improve, monsoon, , monsoon rains

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    earth quake, earth quake, moderate earthquake measuring 5 5 felt in nagaland, Indian meteorological department

    Moderate Earthquake measuring 5.5 felt in Nagaland 15 July 2012

    An earthquake which was moderate in intensity was felt in the parts of Nagaland only a few hours into Sunday. The earthquake measured at 5.5 on Richter Scale. The immediate reports after the quakes had caused no large scale devastation...

    Keywords: Indian Meteorological Department, Kohima, earth quake, Kohima

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    IMD, IMD, monsoon likely to hit in 48 hrs, Indian meteorological department

    Monsoon likely to hit in 48 hrs 04 June 2012

    Indian Meteorological Department has said that the delayed south-west monsoon will hit Kerala coast in another 48 hours. It may be noted that the monsoon was supposed to hit Kerala five days ago itself but was delayed. The IMD director...

    Keywords: Indian Meteorological Department, Indian Meteorological Department, south west monsoon, south west monsoon

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    Rains In Coastel Andhra, Heavy Rains In AP, threat of heavy rain lashes again in coastal anhdhra, Indian meteorological department

    Threat of Heavy Rain Lashes Again in Coastal Anhdhra 28 October 2013

    The heavy rains for one week made havoc in Coastal Andhra but the residents' nightmare is not over yet.  After putting the Coastal Andhra districts to a great loss in terms of property and agricultural produce, the Nature seems to...

    Keywords: Rains In Coastel Andhra, Heavy Rain Lashes Again in Coastal Anhdhra, Rains In Coastel Andhra, Rains In Coastel Andhra

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    AP news, AP updates, no more rains for ap, Indian meteorological department

    No More Rains for AP 18 July 2016

    The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) revealed that there will be no heavy rains in Andhra Pradesh in the coming months this year. The Weather department released a clear report revealing that the rest of the rainy season will witness moderate...

    Keywords: AP updates, IMD, AP news, AP new

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    Small parachute-like objects, Indian Meteorological Department, unnecessary panic over chutes at mumbai airport, Indian meteorological department

    Unnecessary panic over chutes at Mumbai airport 25 May 2015

    5 small parachute-like objects were seen approaching from the southwest direction of the Mumbai airport and moving towards northeast along with the wind. The airfield staff sounded an alert to the air traffic control tower, which in turn asked pilots...

    Keywords: Indian Meteorological Department, Mumbai Airport, high altitude balloon, Small parachute-like objects

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    rain in coastal Andhra, rain in coastal Andhra, depression over sea 430 km from vizag, Indian meteorological department

    Depression Over Sea 430 km From Vizag 19 November 2013

    Cyclone Warning Center of Indian Meteorological Department, Visakhapatnam warns as follows: "Weather warning for fishermen for Andhra coast valid for next 24 hours commencing from 1800 hrs IST of 19.11.2013: Under the influence of depression over WEST CENTRAL BAY OF...

    Keywords: Visakhapatnam, depression over west central bay of bengal, depression over west central bay of bengal, Cyclone Depression In Bay of Bengal

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