Illegal immigrants

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  • maid illegal immigrant indian american, indian american indicted, indian maid treated as slave in us, Illegal immigrants

    Indian maid treated as slave in US? 09 March 2013

    Employing an illegal immigrant as a servant and slave in the United States can put a person behind the bars for up to ten years to which a fine may be added A 40-year-old Indian-American woman, Annie George too is...

    Keywords: indian american indicted, indian american charged, illegal immigrant work, maid illegal immigrant indian american

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    Council on America-Islamic Relations, illegal immigrants, talented illegal immigrants to get 2 yr deferral from deportation obama, Illegal immigrants

    Talented illegal immigrants to get 2-yr deferral from deportation: Obama 16 June 2012

    The US president Barack Obama on Friday afternoon said that talented illegal immigrants in the United States would not be deported if they pose no security or criminal threats. He has also said that the changes made by his administration...

    Keywords: Council on America-Islamic Relations, United States, Council on America-Islamic Relations, Barack Obama

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    illegal immigrants, Kokrajhar, north east illegal immigrants valid legal papers, Illegal immigrants

    North East: Illegal immigrants, valid legal papers 24 August 2012

    Bedlangmari, the beautiful rustic land bordering the strife-torn Kokrajhar has a vast majority of Bengali speaking Muslims. Most of these people now live in the relief camps taking refuge but they are all accused of being illegal immigrants from Bangladesh....

    Keywords: Kokrajhar, , North East, illegal immigrants

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    Donald Trump, Illegal Immigrants, sikh who entered us illegally through mexico to be deported to india, Illegal immigrants

    Sikh Who Entered US Illegally Through Mexico To Be Deported To India 14 August 2017

    Sikh Who Entered US Illegally Through Mexico To Be Deported To India:- As the Trump administration continues its crackdown on illegal immigrants, a 39-year old Sikh, Baljit Singh who entered the US illegally through Mexico, over a decade ago, will...

    Keywords: Baljit Singh, Illegal Immigrants, Illegal Immigrants, Illegal Immigrants

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    illegal immigrants., visa cancellation, visas to indians us favours australia cuts, Illegal immigrants

    Visas to Indians: US favours, Australia cuts 27 October 2011

    The US government is in a good mood to support India and said it had increased H-1B visas issued to Indians by 24 percent between 2010 and 2011.  The H-1B visas, which allow skilled professionals to work on a temporary...

    Keywords: Indians, illegal immigrants., crackdown, international students

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    Bari, Bari, illegal immigrant hides under car s bonnets, Illegal immigrants

    Illegal immigrant hides under car's bonnets 15 May 2012

    We often heard in fairy tales such as Alibaba and 40 thieves as to how people hide themselves in small containers and stuff like than in order to escape from the eyes of certain people. But, such fairy tales are...

    Keywords: Afghanistan, Bari, Greece, Bari

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    illegal immigrants, British Government, uk to crack its whip against nri house owners, Illegal immigrants

    UK to crack its whip against NRI house owners 16 May 2012

    A bad news to NRI persons in UK as the British Government is all set to crack its whip on landlords in the country who had been allegedly extending the construction of their houses and renting them for illegal immigrants...

    Keywords: NRI, NRI, illegal immigrants, Grant Shapps

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    Illegal immigrants, immigrants, 2 40 000 illegal indian immigrants residing in us, Illegal immigrants

    2,40,000 illegal Indian immigrants residing in US 24 March 2012

    Indians constitute a mere 2.08 percent of the total number of 11.5 million foreign illegal immigrants living in the United States. According to latest figures released by the US authorities, an estimated 2,40,000 Indian immigrants have been illegally staying in...

    Keywords: immigrants, illegal immigrants in the US, Homeland Security, Homeland Security

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    Indians deported news, Indians deported news, 145 indians deported from usa reaches new delhi, Illegal immigrants

    145 Indians Deported From USA Reaches New Delhi 20 November 2019

    145 Indians Deported From USA Reaches New Delhi:- The authorities of the USA located 145 illegal Indian immigrants who violated the visa norms and other documents. All the 145 Indians landed in New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport this morning...

    Keywords: Indians deported, Indians deported back, Indians deported, Indians deported latest

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