Indian maid treated as slave in US?

March 09, 2013 12:39
Indian maid treated as slave in US?

Employing an illegal immigrant as a servant and slave in the United States can put a person behind the bars for up to ten years to which a fine may be added A 40-year-old Indian-American woman, Annie George too is likely to serve 10 years in prison in case she's convicted. A resident of New York, Annie George allegedly employed an alleged illegal Indian immigrant Valsamma Mathai as her maid. The US District Court Albany, which is trying this federal case, has now sought a review of the testimony of Annie George. Judge Gary Sharpe would rehear the testimony.

It was reported that Annie George described Mathai as her maid in her testimony. Also, she reportedly mentioned that she once enquired about Mathai's passport. However, when she replied to jurors, she said she never knew that Mathai was an illegal immigrant. Further, it was made evident by the assistant US attorney through telephonic tapes that Annie George admitted that she employed an illegal immigrant as her maid.

According to the prosecutors, George employed Valsamma Mathai for five and half years. They even observed that George treated her maid as a slave and made her work 17 hours in a day without a sick leave. Also, the prosecutors mentioned that Valsamma Mathai received just $21,000 while she could have earned $317,144 for the work she gave.

George was recorded speaking to Mathai's son, Shiju Mathai, who secretly taped the conversations after federal agents ended the illegal employment of his mother in May 2011, Belliss was quoted as saying. The defence that Geore's lawyer gave was it was George's late husband-who died in a plane crash in 2009-made all the decisions.

It's unfortunate to note such incidents that an Indian looting an Indian on foreign lands. In fact, one should always keep in mind that no one is above the law and law of the land doesn't permit slavery or bonded labour.

(AW Phani)

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