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  • tips for ladies, womens in depresion, rejection can t handle, Hot topics store

    ‘Rejection? Can’t handle…’ 10 October 2011

    I am no more interested in you… You are boring and nagging… You are not fit for this job and fit to be in this company… I can’t tolerate you… You are worth less… All these are nothing but the...

    Keywords: tips for ladies, Telugu news papers, tips for ladies, Andhra

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    Telugu News Paper, Andhra, rejection can t handle, Hot topics store

    ‘Rejection? Can’t handle…’ 27 October 2011

    I am no more interested in you… You are boring and nagging… You are not fit for this job and fit to be in this company… I can’t tolerate you… You are worth less… All these are nothing but the...

    Keywords: Top political news., Metro wishesh, Top political news., Telugu news papers

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    Top political news., Saksi News Headlines, mistake guilt for life time, Hot topics store

    Mistake! Guilt for life time? 27 October 2011

    ‘Mistakes are bound to happen. No one is exception for this. Right from the most successful person in life to the person who have experienced only failures, throughout his life, every one of us have done mistakes. There is a...

    Keywords: Telugu News Paper, Hot topics store, Telugu news papers, tips for women

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    Metro wishesh, Daily news in telugu, 2 week old baby girl rescued alive from earthquake debris, Hot topics store

    2-week old baby girl rescued alive from earthquake debris 25 October 2011

    72 hours after a powerful earthquake rocked eastern parts of Turkey killing hundreds of people and flattening some 3000 buildings, rescue teams today recovered a 2-week old baby girl alive from the debris of an apartment complex in the Ercis...

    Keywords: Hot topics store, Sakshi news paper online, Telugu News Paper Online, Telugu News Paper

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    Andhra pradesh news, Hot topics store, saif adores pataudi people sentiment anointed as the nawab, Hot topics store

    Saif adores Pataudi people sentiment, anointed as the Nawab 01 November 2011

    Saif Ali Khan the Bollywood actor and the legal heir of the erstwhile Pataudi kingdom has been anointed the tenth Nawab of Pataudi at a ceremony at his ancestral palace at Patuadi on Moday, over a month after his father...

    Keywords: Saif Ali Khan, Pataudi, Hot topics store, Andhra pradesh news

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    G Venkataramana reddy, Telangana News, d srinivas files nomination for m l c, Hot topics store

    D Srinivas files nomination for M L C 24 October 2011

    Former PCC president D Srinivas, who was given the green signal from the high command, last night, has filed his nomination for the MLC, today at Hyderabad. All the stalwarts of the party including the Chief Minister N.Kiran Kumar Reddy...

    Keywords: Telangana, Telugu headlines, AP headlines, Telugu News Paper Online

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    Maoists, Andhra, maoists to be tracked using gis isro joins to support crpf, Hot topics store

    Maoists to be tracked using GIS, ISRO joins to support CRPF 27 October 2011

    The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) seeking the help of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to expedite the ongoing project of high-resolution satellite imaging and video mapping of dense forest areas, used by naxalites and jihadis as hideouts. The...

    Keywords: GIS to track Maoists, Telugu news papers, Hot topics store, Andhra

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    Telugu People, AP headlines, lover boy ditches minor girl seeing cops on their heels, Hot topics store

    Lover boy ditches minor girl, seeing cops on their heels 31 October 2011

    The man identified as Shrikant Bhimao Davre had planned eloping with his fiancée, a sixteen year old girl and succeeded in convincing her for the plan, but failed her expectations miserably after sensing police were back tracking them, on a...

    Keywords: Telangana News, Distressed girl, Andhrajoythi, Distressed girl

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    AP headlines, chinese rebels, china seeks military bases in pak, Hot topics store

    China seeks military bases in Pak 26 October 2011

    China has expressed an interest in setting up military bases in Pakistan's volatile tribal area or the Northern Areas, close to the restive Chinese province of Xinjiang, to counter the activities of extremists, according to a media report on Wednesday....

    Keywords: Chaina military, Hot topics store, Pak chaina military, Telugu headlines

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    Telugu headlines, TDP, road accident claims samanth nayudu s life in us, Hot topics store

    Road accident claims Samanth Nayudu’s life in US 24 October 2011

    In a road accident in America, Indian politician‘s kith dies. Former minister of the state Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy’s nephew Samanth Nayudu dies in a road accident in America. Samanth Nayudu is a software Engineer in the US. Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy...

    Keywords: Telugu headlines, Road accident claims Samanth Nayudus, life in US, Samanth Nayudu

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    Andhra pradesh news, All Ones, all ones mark this day one in a century, Hot topics store

    All ones mark this day, one in a century 01 November 2011

    Today the Tuesday and the date 01-11-11 is supposed to be auspicious for all good events say astrologers across the globe. The statisticians claim that this year is a rare year and the only year after a century with such...

    Keywords: one in a century, All Ones, Hot topics store, Andhra pradesh news

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    manage your life, news portal, life of a single woman, Hot topics store

    Life of a single Woman? 27 October 2011

    Please, do not think that I would again start off with the ‘gyan’ like any other about the measures and safety tips that single Woman should follow. In this context, I am talking about those entire women who are living...

    Keywords: beauty tips, jokes, actresses photos, hot picture of the day

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    Apache helicopter, Solana Beach, cocktail waitress jessica charming prince harry is a gentleman, Hot topics store

    Cocktail waitress Jessica: Charming Prince Harry is a gentleman 24 October 2011

    Few photographs on an American gossip website last week that appears to show the pair kissing, hit the world media hard. And the pair in controversy was none other than the Prince Harry and Brunette Jessica Donaldson, a cocktail waitress....

    Keywords: Telugu News, Royal Gossip, Telugu News, Cocktail waitress

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    tips for girls, Telugu news papers, know the unanswered, Hot topics store

    Know the unanswered! 27 October 2011

    Past six months of my life are a hell and what more it could be? Things were not at all going well at Office… Manager has become a disaster to my life… I am constantly in a thought that I...

    Keywords: tips for relax, Telugu News Paper Online, AP headlines, Daily news in telugu

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    driving Licenses, Driving tests, rto back in office licenses vehicle registrations from today, Hot topics store

    RTO back in office, licenses, vehicle registrations from today 27 October 2011

    All the transport offices in the Telangana region shall work on a war footing to clear the pending applications for registrations of vehicles and driving licenses. The offices which were closed on account of Sakala Janula Samme, in view of...

    Keywords: driving Licenses, APTransport, Sakala Janula Samme, Fancy Numbers

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    Telugu News Paper, Telugu headlines, gaddafi son buried in secret location, Hot topics store

    Gaddafi, son buried in secret location 25 October 2011

    Five days after his capture and killing by the rebels backed by the NATO forces, the dead body of the former Libyan strong man Col Gaddafi was buried this morning at a secret location in Misrata. Military officials said that...

    Keywords: Gaddafi burial in secret location, Sakshi news paper online, Telugu news papers, Andhra

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    Telugu News Paper, Top political news., arunachal cm gamlin quits, Hot topics store

    Arunachal CM Gamlin quits 29 October 2011

    Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jarbom Gamlin resigned this morning following a 3-month long strife in the state congress party over his leadership. He faxed his resignation letter to the AICC office in Delhi after the congress high command directed him...

    Keywords: Sakshi news paper online, Telugu News Paper Online, Telugu news papers, Telugu News Paper

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    AP headlines, Andhra, child care an art, Hot topics store

    Child care, an art? 27 October 2011

    Not every parent can succeed in taking care of their child and let him/her grow to be a well behaved, matured and responsible citizen. The growing crime rate, deaths and the suicides that are particularly high among the Youngsters are...

    Keywords: AP headlines, Telangana News, Andhrajoythi, baby care

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    Telugu News, Accident Victime, amok lorry runs over pedestrians 8 injured 3 very critical, Hot topics store

    Amok lorry runs over pedestrians, 8 injured, 3 very critical 25 October 2011

    A little after midnight on Monday in Vishakhapatnam, a lorry which lost controller ran over the sleeping pedestrians, injuring eight of them of which three are severely injured. All of them are being treated in hospital. As per reports a...

    Keywords: Telugu News, Hot topics store, Accident Victime, Pedestrians

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    Telangana News, T stir, jupally may join trs reports, Hot topics store

    Jupally may join TRS: Reports 27 October 2011

    Media circles are agog with rumours that Telangana congress leader and former minister Mr Jupally Krishna Rao may join the TRS along with a congress party MP from his native district of Mahaboobnagar. Mr Krishna Rao has been one of...

    Keywords: Telugu headlines, Jupally Krishna Rao, Telugu News Paper, Hot topics store

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