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  • Nampally Exhibition Grounds, Mrigasira Karthe, fish prasadam for 2 days, Fish medicine

    Fish Prasadam for 2 days 08 June 2010

    The Government has made all arrangements for the distribution of fish medicine by the Bathina brothers, on the eve of the Mrigasira Karthe, from the evening hours of Tuesday. The Bathina brothers distribute fish medicine every year to lakhs of...

    Keywords: Bathina brothers, Nampally Exhibition Grounds, Mrigasira Karthe, Bathina brothers

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    siddha medicine, siddha medicine, asthma patients throng for fish medicine, Fish medicine

    Asthma Patients Throng For Fish Medicine 08 June 2013

    Asthma Patients from the State and also other States reached Hyderabad Nampally Exhibition grounds to get fish medicine.   The fish medicine called 'Chepa Mandu' distributed free by the Bathini Gowd brothers to give relief to the asthma patients earned...

    Keywords: siddha medicine, Fish Medicine for asthma, Bathini Gowd brothers, Fish Medicine for asthma

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    Lokayukta, traditional medicine, lokayukta on chepa mandu, Fish medicine

    Lokayukta on 'Chepa Mandu' 03 June 2013

    Lokayukta ordered the Hyderabad City Police Commissioner and the Secretary of the Nampally Exhibition Society to appear on Tuesday regarding their support to the fish medicine.  Lokayukta opines that a private program of the distribution of the traditional medicine given...

    Keywords: live fish, Achyuta Rao, High Court’s order, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner

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    Katedan, Pankaj Dwivedi, fish prasadam katedan, Fish medicine

    Fish prasadam @ Katedan 07 June 2012

    The famous fish prasadam by Bathini Goud family will be given on June 8 and June 9. Unlike earlier, the fish prasadam would be administered at Katedan area in Hyderabad. Earlier, fish prasadam was called as chepa mandu (fish medicine)...

    Keywords: fish medicine, Pankaj Dwivedi, Katedan, fish medicine

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    Andhra Pradesh news, meteorological department, pre monsoon strikes andhra pradesh, Fish medicine

    Pre-monsoon strikes Andhra Pradesh! 04 June 2013

    The meteorological department known to have officially informed about the arrival of the monsoon in Andhra Pradesh while it also seems to have begun in the Rayalasema region. It has also been predicted to be covering Karnataka at the same...

    Keywords: Hyderabad monsoon, Pre-monsoon strikes Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool districts, pre-monsoon

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    Hyderabad, fish prasadam, fish prasadam on june 8, Fish medicine

    Fish Prasadam on June 8 14 May 2012

    The famous fish prasadam (which was earlier known as fish medicine) by Bathini Goud family members will be administered on June 8 this year. Every year on Mrigasirakarthe Bathini Goud family members would give this prasadam at exhibition grounds in...

    Keywords: Hyderabad, fish medicine, fish prasadam, fish medicine

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    Lokayukta Orders, Bathini Brothers, lokayukta orders stayed on fish medicine, Fish medicine

    Lokayukta Orders Stayed On Fish Medicine 07 June 2013

    Today the High Court gave a stay on the orders issued by AP Lokayukta on the distribution of Bahini brothers' fish medicine to asthma patients.   AP Lokayukta on the petition filed by Balala Hakkula Sangham represented by Achyuta Rao...

    Keywords: fish medicine distribution, Bathini Brothers, Nampally Exhibition grounds, unscientific and crude method

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