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  • , Pigmentation and marks, answer the hide marks in you, Dark circles

    Answer the hide marks in you! 14 May 2012

    Some problems like dark circles, pigmentation and pimple marks are visible on screen… others like stretch marks and even a burn mark even though considered as common, they leave a major impact on us. Let us know, how to treat...

    Keywords: , hide marks on face, Steroid injections, Beauty tips

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    Dark circles under eyes, Thinking, dark circles under beautiful eyes, Dark circles

    Dark Circles under beautiful eyes 27 September 2011

    Thinking too much? Lack of sleep? Not eating proper food at all? Stressed out at the end of day? Waise, I have heard this problem arises due to ‘heredity’ also. But, this is definitely a hurdle to your beauty, a...

    Keywords: tips for women, tips, tips for ladies, skin creams

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    natural tips to reduce dark circles, best natural remedies for eyes, how to get rid of dark circles under eyes, Dark circles

    How to get rid of dark circles under eyes 06 April 2015

    Dark colored semicircles circles under the eyes can be big problem for all the women as it affects their beauty. Heredity, allergies, sleep deprivation, oversleeping, age, eczema, stress, anemia could be the reasons for it. As it takes away the...

    Keywords: healthy diet to reduce dark circles, Tips for dark circles, natural tips to reduce dark circles, healthy diet to reduce dark circles

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    dark circles, remedies, how to reduce dark circles naturally, Dark circles

    How to reduce Dark Circles Naturally 08 August 2016

    Everyone worries about dark circle under eye. Some of the main causes of dark circles are heredity, aging, dry skin, prolonged crying, working for long hours in front of a computer, mental or physical stress, lack of sleep and an unhealthy...

    Keywords: Lifestyle, remedies, Lifestyle, tips

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    beauty, dark eyes, make your dark circles disappear in 7 days, Dark circles

    Make your dark circles disappear in 7 days 02 January 2014

    If you've been up after hours tuning in to the latest episode of your favorite TV show or staying up until dawn texting your special friend, your dark circles are probably laying testament to it. Lucky for you, there are...

    Keywords: tips for dark circles cure, cure dark circles in seven days, beauty, dark circle remedies

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    apply shining cream, summer exhausted and tired, journey from tired to freshness, Dark circles

    Journey from Tired to Freshness! 29 March 2012

    More than rest of all months, summer is such a time when we are exhausted and tired more easily. We cannot afford the same to affect our look either. Let us know some quick tips to just get rid of...

    Keywords: beauty, Tips to rid of tiredness, tiredness of face, warm water

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    Fashion tips, dark circles eyes, no darkness in you, Dark circles

    No’ Darkness’ in you! 16 February 2012

    Experiencing the mother hood or many more responsibilities at a time, lots of work that has to be handled and it ends up you with no time for yourself, you surviving with a bad relationship that becomes a hurdle to...

    Keywords: dark circles eyes, Fashion tips, dark circles eyes, dark circles eyes

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    good looking eyes, dark cirlces under eye, get rid of dark circles, Dark circles

    Get rid of dark circles! 07 January 2012

    Dark circles under your eye on your beautiful face is like a beauty with a beast… you might have worried more about this dark sircles and have been clue less of how to get rid of the same… for a...

    Keywords: Apply around eye., beauty tips, beauty tips, Apply around eye.

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    Brown eyes, grey eyes., shade it right, Dark circles

    Shade it right… 10 January 2012

    Well, most of us are in a situation to afford for a best make up and cosmetics we can… but, many times we end up choosing a wrong type of shades, be it our lip color or our eye shadow,...

    Keywords: Shades under eyes, Shades under eyes, Blue eyes, Good looking Eyes

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    Good for health, Make up for your face, choose the best make up for your face, Dark circles

    Choose the best make up for your face... 20 June 2012

    Now that we have accepted make up to be a part of our life, it is better to know how to wear a best make up for our skin... by best I mean, the makeup that would merge in with...

    Keywords: Good for health, Choose best Concealer, Good for health, Make up for your face

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    dark circles around your our eyes, apply potato juice with multanimitti on face, beauty benefits with a potato, Dark circles

    beauty benefits with a potato 14 February 2013

    Potato is not only tasty and most of our favorite, but it cures many skin related problems of us, enhances our beauty... like; Eyes are most attractive and showcase a lot of expressions without speaking a word. But, many of...

    Keywords: skin dullness, dark circles around your our eyes, dark circles around your our eyes, apply the mix potato on the dark circles

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    Under eye circles, eye creams, fight under eye circles, Dark circles

    Fight under eye circles 26 July 2013

    Skin discoloration finds its roots in Genetics. People whose family has a predisposition of dark circles tend to get them more often. And if both your parents have them, you will too. Dermatologist Heidi Waldorf shared some of her pearls...

    Keywords: how to prevent dark circles, eye creams, Under eye circles, avoiding dark circles

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    Dab a little lemon or tomato juice, circles around your beautiful eyes, dark circles making your beauty go dark, Dark circles

    Dark circles making your Beauty go DARK??? 22 August 2012

    On one day you get up, see your face and observe the changes, you would be shocked to see dark circles around your beautiful eyes. don’t panic, here are the home remedies you can try out getting rid from them;...

    Keywords: circles around your beautiful eyes, Dab a little lemon or tomato juice, little almond powder,

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    reasons to apply coconut oil, reasons to apply coconut oil, coconut oil benefits for skin, Dark circles

    Coconut oil benefits for skin 04 May 2015

    Coconut oil is one of the best oil that benefits skin and health apart from cooking. Coconut oil is great skin softener and it will replace lotions and creams use. The oil is rich in saturated fats and when applied...

    Keywords: coconut oils reduces dark circles, benefits to apply coconut oil, how to apply coconut oil, reasons to apply coconut oil

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    Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider, Conceal dark circles, makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider, Dark circles

    Makeup tricks to make your eyes appear wider 02 July 2014

    Large eyes are considered to be beautiful. Women with large look beautiful and also considered to be pretty. But not all women are born with large eyes. Read on to know how to use makeup skilfully to make your eyes...

    Keywords: make your eyes appear wider, Thick eyelashes, Conceal dark circles, Curly lashes

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    face spots, cream, for a spot free face, Dark circles

    For a 'spot' free face! 26 November 2012

    There іs nо doubt that acne іѕ one оf thе moѕt common аnd irritating skin conditions. If you've hаddarkspots, уou knоw hоw uncomfortable and unattractive іt саn be It doesn't matter how young or оld yоu are. Acne саn affect...

    Keywords: cream, beautiful face, tips for face, beautiful face

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    Home remedies to cure dark circles, milk, home remedies to cure dark circles, Dark circles

    Home remedies to cure dark circles...! 03 August 2012

    Try these simple natural home remedies to get rid of that oh-so-exhausted look on your face Dark circles are a common problem not only amongst hassled housewives but also anyone with hectic work schedules and erratic sleep hours. They are...

    Keywords: milk, , ,

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    good sleep, sleep, reason for your sleep deprivation, Dark circles

    Reason for your sleep deprivation 05 February 2013

    There could be n number of reasons for your sleep deprivation. But, lack of sleep affects are not just shown as dark circles around your eyes and your recklessness, there are many other affects of lack of sleep... want to...

    Keywords: sleep deprivation, sleep, sleep deprivation, sleeplessness

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    glowing face, good drink, boundary less expression, Dark circles

    Boundary less expression... 27 November 2012

    Dark circles are a bothersome condition to most people because they spoil the beauty of your face. They are caused by many reasons such as allergies, heredity and several other factors. Whatever may be the cause, dark circles do not...

    Keywords: lemon juice, lemon juice, cucumber juice eyes, protect eyes

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