• Stress, Scientists find culprit for stress, scientists find culprit responsible for stress, Anxiety

    Scientists find culprit responsible for stress 22 July 2013

    Researchers have reportedly identified the culprit in the brain responsible for creating feelings of stress and anxiety. Termed 'misery molecule', the CRF1 creates stress and anxiety and may also play a role in depression. The protein is located in the...

    Keywords: Scientists find culprit for stress, misery molecule in brain, Misery Molecule, brain misery molecule

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    ways to handle pressure., tips to reduce tension, under pressure practice these cool tips, Anxiety

    Under pressure? Practice these cool tips 03 September 2013

    All of us agree with the fact that we take the most productive decisions with a cool mind. Under pressure, an individual tends to dramaticize the proceedings and take a decision fuelled by anger and frustration. How many time have...

    Keywords: tips to reduce tension, methods to tackle stress, tips to reduce tension, Tips to calm down

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    Anxiety, Anxiety impact on skin, anxiety can have a huge impact on your skin and hair, Anxiety

    Anxiety can have a Huge Impact on your Skin and Hair 11 August 2020

    Anxiety can have a Huge Impact on your Skin and Hair:- The coronavirus pandemic brought a lot amount of stress in the people all over. Along with work tensions, most of them have to manage everything at home. Stress is...

    Keywords: Anxiety disorders, Anxiety updates, Anxiety, Anxiety impact on skin

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    tension, vegetables, for a happy period, Anxiety

    For a happy period... 06 December 2012

    Are you facing problems like bloating, fatigue, cramps, headache, digestive problems and mood swings before and during your menstrual cycle? Well, then the best way to get rid of all these is through a proper food intake during this time;...

    Keywords: digestive problems, muscle spasms, mood swings, healthy food

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    Superfoods for stress, Superfoods latest news, superfoods that can reduce stress and anxiety, Anxiety

    Superfoods that can reduce stress and anxiety 27 May 2021

    Superfoods that can reduce stress and anxiety:- A healthy life means balancing a good diet, practicing yoga, meditation and others. Vitamins are a must to get glowing skin and other health benefits. The vitamins boost the immune system and it...

    Keywords: Superfoods, Superfoods health advantages, Superfoods health advantages, Superfoods news

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    happiness, exercises, causes of mood swings, Anxiety

    Causes of mood swings... 12 December 2012

    If your family, friends and co-workers have been driving you mad lately, and you feel as if you're losing your mind, you may suffer from mood swings.  Symptoms of mood swings include irritability, depression, fatigue and insomnia. Mood swings are caused by a hormonal imbalance...

    Keywords: stress free tips, stress, happiness, emotions

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    How To Reduce Anxiety, How To Calm Your Mind, the five simple tips to reduce anxiety, Anxiety

    The Five Simple Tips To Reduce Anxiety 24 October 2017

    The Five Simple Tips To Reduce Anxiety:- A feeling of dread about an impending disaster, and not just some fear is anxiety. In the anxious state, one might feel uneasiness, restless and fatigue. Moreover, shortness of breath, a feeling of...

    Keywords: How To Calm Your Mind, Tips To Reduce Anxiety, How To Calm Your Mind, Simple Tips To Reduce Anxiety

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    Depression is linked with chronic pain, Depression is linked with chronic pain, chronic pain leads to anxiety and depression says study, Anxiety

    Chronic pain leads to anxiety and depression, says study 10 June 2015

    According to the study chronic pain can also lead to anxiety and depression as brain inflammation caused by long-term nerve pain alters activity in areas that regulate mood and motivation.The scientists from University of California have proved this with the...

    Keywords: chronic pain is related to depression, Study links brain inflammation triggered by chronic pain to anxiety and depression, Chronic pain leads to anxiety and depression, Study links chronic pain with depression

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    live bacterial cultures, Alzheimer's disease, yoghurt consumption results in curing depression, Anxiety

    Yoghurt consumption results in curing depression! 03 June 2013

    Recent research declares that probiotics found in yogurt would help in amplifying a person's mood as they affect functioning of brain. Earlier studies have revealed that benign bacteria affected the brains of rats, but none of the  research analysis have...

    Keywords: Emeran Mayer, emotional attention task, depression, Alzheimer's disease

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    Worrying benefits, how to handle stress, keep worrying but under limits, Anxiety

    Keep worrying, but under limits 25 September 2013

    Worrying constantly over small things is commonly said to be detrimental to our health. Well, here's a counter view. Worrying may actually make you live longer as the individual gives more attention to detail. To worry without going hysterically overboard,...

    Keywords: how to reduce worrying, effects of worrying, Worrying benefits, Worrying benefits

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    mental stress, Relaxation tips, body massage for you would, Anxiety

    Body massage for you would 25 February 2012

    It is not all the time you yourself would take care of your body, mind and soul… at times, there are all the chances for you to get tired of even taking care of yourself. This is when, body massage...

    Keywords: Anxiety levels, Awareness, Relaxation tips, Relaxation tips

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    Dating Tips updates, Dating Tips, how to beat the anxiety of dating, Anxiety

    How to beat the Anxiety of Dating? 16 March 2022

    How to beat the Anxiety of Dating?:- Dating anxiety is real and is quite common that many faces in this world. We see them often in movies or among friends. The day before the date would be quite tense if...

    Keywords: Dating Tips breaking news, Dating anxiety, Dating anxiety research, Dating Tips

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    Deep sleep updates, Deep sleep research, deep sleep acts stress inhibitor and natural anxiety, Anxiety

    Deep Sleep Acts Stress Inhibitor and Natural Anxiety 13 November 2019

    Deep Sleep Acts Stress Inhibitor and Natural Anxiety:- Sleepless nights can make people restless and can trigger 30% rise of anxiety levels said several studies. The Berkeley researchers from USA said that they found deep sleep keeps us calm and...

    Keywords: Deep sleep research, Deep sleep research, Deep sleep, Deep sleep benefits

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    good mood, stress free tips, alter your mood swings balance them, Anxiety

    Alter your mood swings... balance them! 24 November 2012

    Happy at one moment... out of mind, the very next moment... Researchers have some ideas on what causes mood swings, ranging from the environmental to the biological and even the chemical. While we may find it easier to blame the...

    Keywords: exercises, fear, mood swings, good mood

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    Sitting for more hours can increase risk of anxiety, reason to avoid sitting for long hours, sitting for more hours can increase risk of anxiety, Anxiety

    Sitting for more hours can increase risk of anxiety 20 June 2015

    If you are sitting for more hours, you are at increases risk of anxiety, proved by a study. According to the study published in the journal BMC Public Health, the scientists proved that low energy activities that involve sitting down...

    Keywords: risk of sitting for more hours, reason to avoid sitting for long hours, reasons to increase anxiety and depression, why to avoid sitting for long hours

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    heart-related anxiety breaking news, heart-related anxiety latest updates, people with heart related anxiety at a higher risk of mental health disorder, Anxiety

    People with heart-related anxiety at a higher risk of mental health disorder 25 May 2021

    People with heart-related anxiety at a higher risk of mental health disorder:- All the youngsters and adults who experience the anxiety that is focused on the heart are at a higher risk for mental health disorders. The researchers at the...

    Keywords: mental health disorder, heart-related anxiety issues, heart-related anxiety, Michael Zvolensky

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    E-anxiety, Time in bed, net surfers spend more time on net than on bed, Anxiety

    Net Surfers spend more time on net than on bed 26 November 2011

    The advance usage of internet has given the best results and transformed the ordinary individual into a knowledgeable person. By the stroke of a key one wanders in the info highway of endless stretch connecting you and me. A recent...

    Keywords: Time in bed, time in Net, time in Net, E-anxiety

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    depression, An App to control your anxiety, an app to control your anxiety, Anxiety

    An App to control your anxiety 20 March 2014

    Scientists claim that playing a science-based smartphone gaming app for just 25 minutes can reduce anxiety in stressed individuals and so an application [App] for controlling anxiety is getting developed. The app is being developed based on an emerging cognitive...

    Keywords: mental health disorders, smartphone gaming app, mental health disorders, depression

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    menopausal women symptoms, depression, commonly seen symptoms in menopausal women, Anxiety

    Commonly Seen Symptoms In Menopausal Women 02 July 2020

    Commonly Seen Symptoms In Menopausal Women:- A study confirmed that there would be a high chance of depression for women who are in their menopausal phase. The study also says that there is a great risk for it also in...

    Keywords: restlessness, menopausal women struggles, restlessness, menopausal women challenges

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    A virtue or a curse, D-Night, virginity a virtue or a curse, Anxiety

    Virginity: A virtue or a curse? 03 October 2012

    Mansi, a 24-year-old girl on the verge of matrimony is facing a commotion of mixed thoughts. Her nupital excitement is climaxing at two levels. On one hand, while she's awaiting stepping into a realm of new relations, on the other,...

    Keywords: , , Virginity, A virtue or a curse

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