Women should take Special Care of Thyroid Disorders

July 30, 2021 19:21
Women should take Special Care of Thyroid Disorders

Women should take Special Care of Thyroid Disorders:- The thyroid gland is located at the base of the neck and it plays a crucial role in the metabolism, development and growth of the body. It soon regulates multiple functions along with the heart rate, weight, energy levels and the mood of the body. There are crores of people who are suffering with Hypothyroidism which occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough amount of the hormones of thyroid to meet the body needs. Most of them have been neglecting the disorders of thyroid along with other non-communicable diseases. A study was conducted in eight cities in the country and it revealed that one-third of the people who are suffering with Hypothyroidism are unaware of it and about the diagnosis.

As per the report, 2.86 percent of the cases of Hypothyroidism are reported but they are undiagnosed. Women aged above 35 are at a higher risk of thyroid and they may face several other complications if they are untreated. The risk of diabetes too increases in such cases. This also heads to many genetic, biochemical and hormonal malfunctions. Poorly managed Tpype2 diabetes mellitus may result in insulin resistance and increased risk of hypoglycaemic episodes. It even increases the risk of heart-related issues. Women are at a higer risk for hypothyroidism. Always visit a doctor immediately if there any symptoms of thyroid. They can be non-specific in some of the cases and they will lead to excessive weight gain, constipation muscle cramps and puffy eyelids.

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