Five Exercises To Keep Yourself Charged For The Entire Day

July 20, 2020 15:12
Five Exercises To Keep Yourself Charged For The Entire Day

Five Exercises To Keep Yourself Charged For The Entire Day:- The coronavirus brought a lot of stress and everyone is restricted to their homes. With lockdown and restrictions, most of them are missing their gym and regular fitness regime. For a good physical and mental health, a good amount of morning exercise is needed. It is not needed to be a gym session or a long workout session. There are an ample number of health benefits because of the morning exercises. Here are some of the exercises to keep charged for the entire day:

Plank: Plank strengthens your back, shoulders. It is quite hard and difficult during the initial days but holds the planks for 20-30 seconds and then you can go on increasing it for a minute. One should breathe steadily, repeat the process thrice and take rest for 30 seconds.

(Video Source: Bowflex)

Reclining Bound Angle: This is also known as a sleeping butterfly pose which will keep the body and mind relaxed. It also keeps your body balanced. The abdomen and the back get stimulated. The blood supply would be steady throughout the body.

(Video Source: Sikana English)

Leg lifts: Your base and hip muscles get stronger because of the practice of leg lifts. The circulation of blood also turns better.

(Video Source: Yoga Practice Videos - Yoga Vidya)

Happy baby pose: With this pose, you need to stretch your legs and strengthen your back, groin, spine, hamstrings and thighs. All the tension would be relieved from the body and the back. This exercise calms your brain and keeps the body relaxed.

(Video Source: VENTUNO YOGA)

Bridge pose: This pose strengthens the upper body and will help to build the back, arms and shoulder stronger. This also opens up energy centers of the upper body.

(Video Source: Mind Body Soul)

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