Health care that you ignore

January 22, 2013 15:57
Health care that you ignore

Irrespective of healthy life style and food habits, you taking complete care and having hygiene food, purifying the water that you drink and even taking fresh fruits and vegetables and oil free food, some problems just like that occur to us... these could be as simple as skin or throat infections and allergies, that may lead to complicate problems such as n number of skin diseases and asthma..

Have you known your health care can be perfect if you check your bedroom once and follow the tip I would be sharing now?

According to the recent researches in Britain, at least 70 to 80% of skin problems and throat related infections, also breathing problems are caused due to not keeping our bed clean.

Just put a question to yourself, when be the last time you have changed your bed sheet? A month ago, or say 2 months back or it has been couple of months? You are sure to invite n number of disease that is caused because of bacteria...

Despite you maintain your skin hygiene and entire house clean, when you sleep certain amount of oils are released from our body that are porn to invite bacteria and germs... and every day you take bath and clean up your body, but what about the amount of oils that have been stuck in your bed sheet, that are released from your skin???

So, it is best to change the bed sheet at least once in 15 days to maintain good health and to avoid major skin and breathing related problems.

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