All about Peptic Ulcers...

January 18, 2013 17:38
All about Peptic Ulcers...

PEPTIC ulcers are common in both males and females in the age group of 20-40 years. Ulcers are caused when the mucous membranes in the gastro-intestinal tract get affected by the action of hydrochloric acid secreted in the stomach. It may also be due to mechanical, thermal or chemical irritants or by some haematogenous infection or by neurogenic factors.


Pain in the abdomen starts from 15 minutes to two hours after intake of food and continues till the stomach is empty. The pain is felt more to the left of the abdomen and may be aching, gnawing or deep boring in character. Pain is relieved by vomiting and intake of alkalies.
There may be signs of indigestion or dyspepsia before the actual pain starts.
Pain is more or less persistent with rarely any free interval.

Vomiting is common and contains food particles. The pain usually subsides after the patient vomits. Blood vomiting may occur in about a third of the cases. Appetite is often good but the patient is afraid of taking food for fear of pain. General health can deteriorate and emaciation can be seen in long-standing cases.


The patient should take an easily digestible diet and plenty of liquid.
Arsenic, Kalibichrom anacardium, Natrum phos, Gerenium mac are all good medicines to use.

Note: Medicines have to be taken under supervision of the medical experts. For more information and treatment call on: Phone : +91-040-23753977 Mobile : 9885193009 (Dr. K .Mukherjee)

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