Egg Roti will make a Perfect Breakfast for the Day

February 15, 2021 16:16
Egg Roti will make a Perfect Breakfast for the Day

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Egg Roti will make a Perfect Breakfast for the Day:- After the packed weekends, Mondays are quite lazy and they would start on a slow note and everyone would be occupied with work. Many will have to skip their early morning breakfasts and rush for work. We have a recipe to make your breakfast look healthy. Egg roti will make a perfect breakfast and it just takes few minutes for the meal to be prepared. Here are the steps:


Homemade Plain Chapati and Egg

Onion and chilli (finely chopped)


Chopped tomatoes and coriander leaves

Tomato sause (optional)

How to prepare:

Take a homemade roti or chapati. Make a small cut to create a pocket on the side. Break and open the egg and add salt. Heat the pan and stir the egg. Add the chopped onion, tomatoes, coriander leaves and chilli. Mix it well. Add some oil on to the pan and place the roti on the pan. After it gets enough warm and pour the egg mix in the created pocket of the roti. Add some oil on the top and cook it from both the sides. In just a minute, egg roti is ready to eat.

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