Excess amount of coffee could damage your health

May 29, 2015 19:05
Excess amount of coffee could damage your health

Coffee has many health benefits. But consuming more amount of caffeine may damage your health, according to a new study.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said single doses of up to 200mg of caffeine from a range of sources such as tea, coffee, chocolate and energy drinks should be a safe level for most healthy adults. It stated that about 3 milligram per kg of body weight as the daily recommended dose.

Usually 60 ml of expresso provides around 80 mg of caffeine while 200ml cup of filter coffee has around 90 mg, according to the ESPA reports. The EFSA said that up to 400mg a day from various food and drink should have no health consequences for healthy adults. Around a third of people in Denmark, 17% in the Netherlands and 14% in Germany consume more than 400mg.

Intake of excess amounts of caffeine is related to many health risks like heart failure, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, anxiety etc. So, experts suggest sticking to four cups of coffee a day to avoid health problems.

By Lizitha

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