Vijayashanthi appointed as Congress Campaign Coordinator

November 18, 2023 16:01
Vijayashanthi appointed as Congress Campaign Coordinator

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Vijayashanthi appointed as Congress Campaign Coordinator:- Actress-politician Vijayashanthi's appointment as the Chief Coordinator of the Campaign and Planning Committee for the upcoming Telangana assembly polls is a major development for the Congress party and a setback for the BJP.Vijayashanthi's political experience and popularity as an actress can be a valuable asset for the Congress in mobilizing support and gaining momentum in the upcoming elections. This move signals the Congress party's determination to make strong inroads in Telangana and challenge the BJP's influence in the state. Additionally, Vijayashanthi's return to the Congress party after her stint with the BJP highlights the internal dissent and dissatisfaction within the BJP ranks in Telangana.

It reflects how some senior BJP leaders who had previously left the Congress to join the saffron party are now disenchanted and returning to their old political home. With Vijayashanthi at the helm, the Congress party hopes to capitalize on her popularity and political experience to garner support from the electorate. This appointment also demonstrates the importance of strong campaign coordination and strategic planning in enhancing a party's chances of success in elections. Additionally, the BJP's setbacks in Telangana indicate that their strategies and appeals may not be resonating with the electorate as expected. They may need to reassess their approach and identify ways to connect with the voters in Telangana.

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