Pawan Kalyan Interacts with GATES Students in Anantapur

November 11, 2016 14:57
Pawan Kalyan Interacts with GATES Students in Anantapur

Power Star Pawan Kalyan in a new initiative interacted with the students of GATES Institute of Technology in Anantapur.

Pawan Kalyan said " Greeting to all my sisters and brothers. After coming to the college, it's been years. In Nellore, i used to only watch the college from distance. I never went inside the college. I know that studying in college and spending time with friends is a blessing but I didn't get that chance. But some of the lessons which I have learned are unforgettable, either in school or college. Those lessons only brought me to politics. Likewise, the interest in cinema was also part of those lessons. Whatever work we do, or whatever profession we are working in we should always help the society in whatever way we can. This I have learned from my teachers only. Those lessons have today made me stand in front of you all. If it was a regular political speech, I would have spoken some other way. By seeing you all, so many students I don't know what to talk. When it comes to problems of citizens, there is anger, sadness in the talk but if you all ask me anything I can talk. I want to interact with all of you. So, if you ask any question I will answer."

One student G. Asha Jenifer (EEE) asked "You said we can question Jana Sena Party . But thanks to you for giving me, for giving us the opportunity to ask. When the state was divided, you said that for the special status of Andhra Pradesh you will do the hunger strike. But that has not been amended. So, we want to know what is the situation or the litigations."

Pawan Kalyan replied" For a solution to an issue, only emotions won't help. The solution to the problem should be in such a way, that is why I don't talk with anger. I think and talk. When announcing a war, how our rivals will react, if we talk about one thing what is other's point of view, on basis of that we should change. We should achieve by finding the solution. I said that I will achieve, I said I will fight till now I did not stop nor I will ever stop.  However, when I said something, some people think I will go and do fasting. If solutions appear by doing fasting, then in this country there wouldn't have been poverty existing. But I like Gandhi policies but only those cannot give us solutions. By the way, what our rivals think, we should change our strategies. If I have said something , I won't backout. So, I have come to Anantapur, and I am standing before you. "

Another student, Vamshika (ECE) questioned "Presently in competitive exams, Merit students are facing lots of problems. When we talk about caste, why are exams being divided on basis of merit, not caste?"

Pawan replied " In politics, everyone says every caste, religion is same but when it comes to an election they use the same caste and religion to win. All caste and religions should be treated the same because ewe has always learned in our books, but those who tell us, they themselves are not following. I Honor Ambedkar very much. There is something called constitutional debates. There are five volumes in it which explain how our Act, policies, and kingdom have been built. In that Ambedkar said that reservations have to be handled carefully. Reservation is  a deep rooted problem. Many say that they are not getting reservation rights though they deserve it. In this, every political party should come together. In other religion, they should focus on people who don't have a reservation. Those who don't have a reservation, they should get financial assistance, financial support. Many times I avoid talking about caste or religion but somehow people involve me in that talk.  In my personal life, I respect caste, I don't hurt anyone. This issue has to be raised nationwide. After some years all these issues will be sorted. I pray for it. I assure you today that this issue will be raised in debates and in assembly and also Parliament."

"Narendra Modi has introduced a new scheme to curb black money. But during Ambedkar, he said that for every 20 years, the currency has to be changed. But it did not get amended till now. If forever 20 years currency is changed there won't be the problem of black money because people will get scared to save money. By doing that black money can be curbed. In the morning I saw in Public Point AP news in which TDP said that for Anantapur district special status worth Rs. 6,500 Crore has been allocated. So, if that money instead of giving for the development of Amaravati, if it is given to Anantapur district, this drought problem will be solved and through Jana Sena Party you have to make sure Anantapur is drought free."

Pawan said "when we talk about black money, that is only used to buy votes. For us paying tax is hard, Actually, we should earn and pay tax, then government through that tax should provide us good facilities. People don't pay tax because they think that money will be used by politicians. Politicians should be raided. The money which is given to Anantapur district, these are all only talks. In yesterday's meeting I said, Finance Minister says 2.3 Lakhs, Venkaiah Naidu says  2.25 lakhs. But what's there to talk. In the government, there is no one to implement. Jana Sena is there to question those who are corrupted. From many years Nirbhaya Act has been implemented. It means unless and until something happens in Delhi you are not affected. I have started Jana Sena, so that every girl, the woman can stand on their feet and live freely without fear. I want every woman to walk out freely. I want a society where you can walk alone in the midnight on the road without fear. If anyone teases you, 10 people should be there for you.  If your mom and dad go out, you should stay at home without fear. Your parents should not be scared to leave you alone. They should feel that their daughter is safe. If anyone questions you slap them. If the special status doesn't come, you have all the rights to rule this world. You should give courage to the boys."

"Anantapur district is a drought region. So, we under PK fan's (Pawan Kalyan Association of north America) we did a survey in the district. We even have a faculty in our college. Many farmers have committed suicide because of the drought. Are you planning to adopt any district?"

PK "I will adopt Anantapur. Frankly, there is no drought. It is only our mind which means thought poverty. Firstly we should change our mindset than the government will change. I won't say I will Adopt Anantapur because only one district won't be sufficient for me. I am very greedy. My thirst won't subsidize with one district. My thirst is to solve citizens problems. So, only one district is not sufficient for me. I want to adopt full Anantapur, full Rayalaseema, full SeemaAndhra.  I won't solve all the problems of Andhra Pradesh that is my thirst. Why should only I question? Even you should. When one crime is taking place, you should react. If a girl is being teased people should react otherwise it will intensify and then we have to only sit and cry. I am talking about special status if you want to give money give if you can't say it. We all know they are cheating us.

If you come in power how What security will the woman be provided and how will you develop Anantapur?

"You can slap anyone, no case will be registered on you. I can do anything without coming in power. If we have will power Anantapur situation can be solved. I will give that courage. Even if I do anything wrong you can hold my color. Even should be punished equally. What I have learned in my books and the reality is quite different. I even thought becoming a saint and not to marry.  Apart from that, everything happened including many marriages. The Power of that: As a man think, if you think Anantapur should be drought free region change your mentalities. It will happen. I am not so intelligent as you all, neither I have gone to college nad learned anything. I only studied till 8th class properly. My 10th class I only passed with grace marks. Always think that society should change. the thought has such power. Your mind is your weapon. I have decided that I will change, what I can change, I don't ask anyone to change. I only think what can I do for the society. When I have started Jana Sena, I did not ask anyone. I only thought myself any started. As an individual always take the step. When I was the kid I heard a saying: 'The power of one is the power of many. The power of many is the power of one.' Praying that all of you have a bright future. I would like to thank Mr. reddy who gave me this opportunity. I honor him a lot. I would like to thank the faculty members, teachers, and professors. Many thanks to Anantapur Police. I always think that damage has been done but how should it be improved. Important is water. My wish is to do padayatra. I will do padayatra in drought regions especially Anantapur.Jai Hind!"

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