Pawan Kalyan Cuts Short His Pithapuram Tour

April 01, 2024 20:16
Pawan Kalyan Cuts Short His Pithapuram Tour

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Pawan Kalyan Cuts Short His Pithapuram Tour:- Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Jana Sena and a popular film star, had to cut his visit to Pithapuram in the Kakinada district short due to a throat infection and viral fever. He departed for Hyderabad on Sunday evening using a helicopter. Originally, he had planned to tour the constituency for four days, but his illness forced him to leave early. During his time in Pithapuram, he made visits to various important religious sites including the God Kukkuteswara Swamy, the Goddess Puruhoothika, and Sripada Vallabha. At these locations, he took part in special prayers and received blessings from the temple priests.

Later, Pawan Kalyan held discussions with leaders and members of Telugu Desam, Jana Sena, and BJP. He encouraged them to unite and defeat the ruling YSRC party, emphasizing the importance of the alliance winning power in the state. He expressed his confidence that the alliance would indeed form the next government. Pawan Kalyan called upon the leaders and members to work tirelessly for the victory of the candidates put forth by the three-party alliance. He believed that, with the support of BJP, they could put an end to the mismanagement of the state by YSRC and establish good governance.

The objective is to secure victory over the YSRC in the upcoming elections. To achieve this, leaders and members must partake in a 40-day Deeksha, supporting the success of alliance candidates. While alliances often bring about conditions and grievances among parties and their candidates, the current focus is solely on defeating the YSRC. PK stated that 80% of leaders and members from all parties involved have embraced this alliance. He expressed his distress when TD president Chandrababu Naidu was imprisoned. PK emphasized that both the Telugu Desam and Jana Sena possess the necessary strength and structure to overpower the YSRC. The JS leader commended TD leader S.V.S.N.Varma for sacrificing his seat and pledged to honor Varma's reputation. Additionally, he highlighted the inspiring story of Kakinada alliance Lok Sabha candidate Tangella Uday Srinivas, who initially invested 10 lakh rupees in his "Tea Time" business and has now expanded his services to Nepal, particularly resonating with the younger generation.

Pawan Kalyan, a political leader, recently announced that volunteers should refrain from distributing pensions on April 1. He emphasized the importance of alliance party leaders working together with the government to ensure that pensioners receive their pensions smoothly. Additionally, Pawan Kalyan expressed his opinion that Ch.Sunil, the candidate from the YSRC party, is a decent individual but made a mistake by choosing the wrong party to participate in the elections. Meanwhile, there was a sense of excitement and commotion at the hotel in Pithapuram, where Pawan Kalyan was staying, as his supporters gathered in large numbers.

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