Ayyappa Deeksha Supposed to Bring Discipline in Devotees

December 13, 2013 19:38
Ayyappa Deeksha Supposed to Bring Discipline in Devotees

Ayyappa Devotees from Guntur travelling in Sabari Express had an altercation with Kerala Ayyappa Devotees who occupied the Guntur Ayyappa pilgrims’ seats. Kerala swamis complained railway police that Andhra Swamis attacked them following which the Kerala police arrested those two swamis who were deprived of their reserved berths.

Then all the Andhra swamis in the bogie got down and squatted on the tracks and stopped the train for two hours. Information about the problem if it is resolved is not received by the time this news is posted.

A regular following of Ayyappa Swami Deeksha for 40 days is supposed to make changes in the attitude of the devotees. There cannot be any flaw in the method of Ayyappa Swami deeksha. It only depends on the individuals who take it and how they take.

If the Deeksha is taken up with real devotion the results will be different. If a person does it believing only a miracle that will make changes in his life the results will again be different. If the deeksha is done to impress someone or is done as a ritual completed mechanically the results will be entirely different.

A life’s journey is a short and temporary one the duration of which is not known any. A relatively short journey in a train as a matter of fact should not give rise to emotions and competitions. A devotee need not fight for a right or snatch away other’s rights during a small journey that is taking them to the deity they have faith in.

This is not a solitary incident. We may come accross many such incidents in spite of a vow of devotee while taking the Maladharana.  A devotee who wears Ayyappa Mala should feel as if he is part of the deity inheriting the qualities of the deity- love, tolerance, concern to fellow beings, a giving nature and compassion in addition to simple living with austerities.


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