Rachabanda is Not a Political Platform

November 25, 2013 12:42
Rachabanda is Not a Political Platform

Rachanbanda is a program to receive public grievances and giving an immediate judgment over the issues as per its original conventional usage of the word.  Village Rachabandas were popular in olden days on the platform specially made the village heads used to solve disputes out of court. As such, a Rachabanda in real sense is like a venue to hear the injustice done to the general public as presented from their side so that the overnment can correct its steps.

But on the contrary the Rachabanda programs of the State Government are going with a motto of getting strength to the ruling party or to the leader/s in the administration. Popular Government schemes are either introduced or talked about in the Rachabanda program and the current political affairs are being discussed defending the Government’s action.

The Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy attended Rachabanda in Anantapur district on Sunday reiterated that he is for the united State of AP.  He narrated his viewpoint again about the bifurcation and how unmindful of the Center to take such a decision because of which about 13 lakh acres of land will go barren in two regions and out of that the worst hit will be Telangana farmers.

This is the reason why his Rachabanda attempts in Telangana were foiled by the Telangana leaders. As Kiran Kumar Reddy is talking against Telangana Statehood, Telangana leaders from his own party also objected to hold Rachabanda in Telangana because of which he had to cancel a couple of Rachabanda programs in Telangana region.


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