South Indian Expendables...dream always

August 27, 2012 12:30
South Indian Expendables...dream always

Multi-starers, a phenomenon that was possible in the early onset of careers are dreaded by many leading stars of South India, significantly no such films are on the anvil. Ofcourse such fears are prevalent in Hollywood too. The Expendables 2 released this month with macho man Sylvester Stallone and eleven other action heroes was a wonderful example of a multi-starer. But in a recent interview Stallone whose brain child was the film said that he wanted to give life to the people who shone and off late had a lean patch, similar to the encouragement he received in his career. So that sums up what the film is for, ofcourse undoubtedly reaping rich dividends at the ticket counters.

But who will dare such a budget in the south tinsel world. And imagine the various vagaries the crew has to face in the hands of the esteemed stars. The dates, the story and the action scenes. As per the above image, we have six stars, in addition not to leave the Kannadiga from the show, I would like to add the recently acclaimed Sudeep (Kichcha) as the main antagonist, our films need the good and the bad. In a nutshell we need a minimum 13 songs  ( Six intro songs + Six duets + one club song for climax), three inter fights (between two each) and one big climax, imagine the average time the film would need. As we need to build threads for establishing their characters and interweaving them too. OMG it is mind blowing! Its too hoooooot to think of this proposition........I am exhausted and am looking around for Manickam Sir to give me glass of cold drink to coool down.

The above article is a figment of imagination that I grabbed from a popular article that caught my eyesight while scanning my favorite news paper in the morning. The image is brought from the original sources, only for reader enrichment. But content is purely original and imaginative analysis. Hope you have had your morning dosage of the medicine that cures all diseases, 'laughter' (chuckles!).  (With inputs from internet-AW AarKay)

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