Sushma Swaraj Lashes Out At African Envoys On Nigerian Attack

April 05, 2017 15:58
Sushma Swaraj Lashes Out At African Envoys On Nigerian Attack

External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, lashed out at the African envoys, who referred to the attacks on Nigerians in Greater Noida, as “Xenophobic and Racial.”

Swaraj, speaking in the Lok Sabha, during the Parliament session, said, “You cannot say, that the steps we took were inadequate. We are committed to ensuring, security of all foreigners in India.”

“It was not right to connect the incident with racism, before any investigation is completed. I said, this in context of the US attacks too,” she added.

Sushma swaraj stated, “It is unfortunate, that a criminal act occurred, following the untimely death of a young Indian student under suspicious circumstances.”

Swaraj also dismissed the allegations of African envoys, that the Indian Government failed to take legal action against the criminals, or in taking sufficient and deterring measures, to avoid repeat of such incidents.

The incident took place, with the attack on four Nigerian students on March 27 in Greater Noida, 40 km away from New Delhi. This incident, occurred when there were protests over the death of a class-12 student of a residential colony, due to drug overdose. Some people who were holding a candlelight vigil for the student, attacked the Nigerians, suspecting them of drug-running.

The statement issued, after a meeting of the envoys - representing 54 countries of the African continent. The African envoys, who recently had a special meeting on the incidents, called for an independent investigation by the Human Rights Council, as well as other Human Rights bodies, and submit a complete report of the matter to the Commission of the African Union.

They even said, they expect a strong condemnation from the highest political level, both nationally and locally.

Further, the India’s Ministry of External Affairs, had called the attacks “unacceptable.”

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