7 year old girl raped and killed brutally

June 19, 2015 09:01
7 year old girl raped and killed brutally

A seven year old minor girl was raped and killed by a culprit in Eluru, west Godavari District.

Getting into the details, Lavanya, a seven year old girl is the only daughter of the couple Thiyyala Ramesh and Anupama, who lives in Madhepally, Eluru Mandal, west Godavari District.

Lavanya, who is studying her first class, took some money from her mother and decided to buy some eatables. On her way to shop, she was called up by a culprit named Ganiganti Suresh, aged 30. The innocent girl, who is not aware of the cruelty in him, went to him. The culprit then, attacked on her and brutally raped the minor girl.

Lavanya, then lost her conscious. Suresh, who observed that, the issue would be out now, killed her then and there and hid in a box and decided to act according to the later situations.

The thing is, Suresh is already alleged in the past in few of the rape cases. This made the local people to doubt him and thus attacked and hit him thoroughly. But on Suresh saying that, he is not aware of the fact, police took him to the hospital.
On the other side, the local people observed some kind of smell coming from Suresh house. On proper inquiry, they found out Lavanya’s nude dead body in the well of his house. This made the parents and the people go wild and attacked Suresh’s mother and hit her hard.

Police took Suresh mother into custody, upon great difficulty and are presently investigating the case.

Suresh was killed by the villagers

Suresh was taken into police custody after finding him. Knowing this, the villagers attacked the police station and pulled out Suresh into the streets and killed him then and there, by beating up heavily. The police watched the villagers attack on Suresh, being helpless and finally took over his dead body into the custody.

By Phani

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