Coke: Bring out the ''Bond'' in you

October 20, 2012 17:45
Coke: Bring out the ''Bond'' in you

Coke and the Bond enterprise have collaborated ingeniously to promote their own brainchilds in a completely novel way. The next Bond movie is all set to release soon and their promotions have been the talk of the town already.

In specific train stations at the coke dispensers, soon after you purchase a coke you have a challenge to reach a specific platform within 70 seconds. The distance is fairly easy to reach within the given time but the event tested the agility of a person in times where he was posed with several unforeseen obstacles, to very much simple without the explosions or gadgets.

Aptly named “unlock the 007 in you”, the challenge calls for a few physical stunts like those in the movies. The driving force behind the challenge is the pursuit of the latest Skyfall tickets once you finish the challenge in the stipulated time.

That is not all, however, in this healthy promotion-challenge combo. You have to hum rather than sing the highly popular theme of James Bond once you reach the destination in time. You would be guided by several staff members who will  point out the time, be the hurdles in your race and join you in the end to hum in unison with you.
Not clear enough? Head over to see a few members trying it out for real

(AW- Anil)

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