7 tips to follow, before retirement

June 30, 2015 16:06
7 tips to follow, before retirement

Imagination is far different from the practicality. So the retirement may invite us any time, before the actual date. So it is better to get prepared, rather than worrying in the last minute.

Here are the few tips to follow to live a safe and secured life after retirement.  

Invest in future money

Invest in real estate, stocks, mutual funds, gold, pension plans, etc, which yields you better in the future years.

Clear long term loans before retirement

Clear off the long term loans like housing loans first, so that you need not worry about it after retirement and enjoy all the remaining money.  
Minimize the lifestyle

It does not mean, you have to degrade yourself. But have a control in every single rupee and spend it only if it is unavoidable.

Do not miss insurance at any cost

So that, the amount, helps your dependants even after you die.

Attempt non stress works post retirement:

After retirement, if the health do not support for the stress works, attempt non stress tiny works, where even a small amount can be earned. Along with the increase of your income, it also makes you active.  

By Phanindra

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