Increase the 'Volume' of your hair...

November 01, 2012 17:00
Increase the 'Volume' of your hair...

Here are some natural ways to increase hair volume:

The circulation in the scalp (which is poorer in men than in women) needs to be improved. Massaging the scalp each day helps. Keep the scalp and hair clean, but do not wash the hair too frequently. Avoid excess shampooing.

There should be adequate protein in the diet, especially sesame seeds, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, almonds, and brewer's yeast. But, as with everything, do not go overboard.


A variety of factors affect hair growth. Minerals and vitamins are important for hair growth. Take a good supplement at least twice a day. Drink fresh vegetable juice at least once a day. Take vitamin A (50,000 units daily for a short time). Several B vitamins especially affect hair growth (biotin, inositol, niacin) and color (folic acid, pantothenic acid, and PABA). Eat Norwegian kelp or Nova Scotia dulse.

Oatstraw and horsetail teas are rich in silicon and trace minerals. Rosemary helps and stimulate head circulation. Sage tea is an astringent and helps stimulate growth.


Avoid salt, sugar, tobacco, and alcohol. Over-consumption of salt and sugar increases dandruff and hair loss. Avoid crash diets which are low in proper nutrients.

Because hair is fragile when wet, do not comb it when wet because it can be easily broken. Avoid rubbing it too hard when it is wet. Better to squeeze out moisture with a towel and pat it dry. Do not blow-dry your hair.

Exposure to sunlight and seawater is hard on hair.

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