Facials: Good Or Bad For You?

October 01, 2012 10:41
Facials: Good Or Bad For You?

Most of the women start going for facials as soon as they enter their 20's. They do this due to multiple reasons. But, most importantly people vary in their opinions and experience about the goodness of facials. Some say that facials do good while some are strictly against this opinion. Here are few reasons due to which you consider facials to be either good or bad.

Damages Skin Cells- Facials are bad for your skin as they do considerable damage to the skin cells. It is very different from a face pack you regularly use at your home. The creams and the masks that are used in a salon contain lot of chemicals that potentially damages the skin. This causes a considerable damage to the skin cells and can make your skin rough and damaged.

Ages You Early- Are you go for regular facial because of a bad skin? but, a facial seems to be good initially as it gives you temporary relief from skin pigmentation and dryness. This process damages the natural elasticity of the skin and causes it to loosen up untimely. Facial is not that good for your skin as it will only make you age early.

Spots- Many a times some electronic procedures and harmful bleach is used to make the skin look more glowing and fairer. This does no good and the result you find are only temporary and not long lasting. Such treatments does not suit all skin types an you end up in developing rashes and marks on the skin.

Allergies- There are many facials available in salons and parlours. You never know what is going to suit you and what not. If you end up in doing the wrong facial then you might get allergy or develop skin rashes. Thus it is better to do a test behind your ears to understand what you are tolerant to.

Cleanses- Facial is not always bad. In fact facials are good too in a sense that your skin is cleansed off all the dirt and impurities. Your skin is thus cleaned and you develop less pimples. Thus if you want a pimple free skin go for a good herbal facial at least once a month.

Blackheads- If you do not cleanse or scrub your skin for long then you develop blackheads. The skin gets clogged and you look dull. The best way to get rid of blackheads is to go for a facial. This is good as the blackheads are always cleaned off before a facial.

Decide on the both bad and good effects of a facial if you want to get a good and healthy skin.

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