Value your eyes, before you start repaying their value...

June 05, 2012 11:59
Value your eyes, before you start repaying their value...

One of the assets of us, to watch good, bad, bliss and mess in our life, our eyes... they are the affective form of communication to express our thoughts with oodles of expressions and emotions told without uttering a single word...

Day in and day out we take a lot of beauty care... but if you have understood a proper eye care is also mandatory, here are some tips to start off with;

Splash your eyes with cold water first thing in the morning.

Apply cotton wool pads, soaked in warm milk, witch hazel, rose water or weak tea solution on your eyes, press gently, and leave for ten minutes.

Now fill an eye bath with eye lotion, place it on your eye, tilt your head back, open your eye and let the eye lotion flow into your eye.

Repeat the same process for the other eye. Wash each eye, two or three times and it will sooth and refresh your eyes.

You can repeat the same process following any activity,, which has strained your eyes.

After a couple of weeks of such eye care, you will find your eyes looking brighter.

To avoid eye strain do not work in a poor light.

Do not read continuously in buses or trains.

Do not stare too long at anything without blinking. Blinking provides lubrication and relief from light.

Do not rub your eyes too hard. To give momentary relief to your eyes, close your eyes with your palms so that no light can enter. Now open up your eyes in your palm cup and stare into this darkness for a minute.

Looking out for more??? Well, I suggest you to find out time for this basic eye care first…

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