Special contact lenses improve eye-sight!

November 30, 2015 17:18
Special contact lenses improve eye-sight!

The recently conducted studies proved that, the special contact lenses, that are designed to reshape the eye's curvature could be used like 'braces', to reduce the short sightedness in children.

As per the information specified in Advances in Ophthalmology And Visual Systems journal, the lenses, which should be warn overnight, reshape the curve in the eye while sleeping.

Currently, the lenses that corrects the vision, are already available for the adults, as it has been proved that sight is improved the day after wearing lenses.

Orthokeratology or ortho-K, a rigid gas permeable contact lenses, work by altering the cornea shape, to reduce or correct low to moderate levels of short sight, which is called myopia.

Contact lenses 

A few of the experts say that, the findings are a major breakthrough and could change the way short sightedness is treated.

Professor James Wolffsohn, an eye expert at Birmingham's Aston University, is one of the members of the team, that is setting up the UK's first myopia eye clinic.

Already, from the past 3 years, the trails are conducted in about 10 centres, across the US on 282 children, aged between 8 to 14. But there is no such valid conclusion to say that, the effects lasts, if at all the children wears lenses.

By Phani Ch

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