‘Sadness’ ruling you?

December 14, 2011 12:24
‘Sadness’ ruling you?

I would consider yesterday as one of the worst day of mine in recent times. Everything was fine at work and at home. Since the moment I got up, I was so lost and in what thoughts, absolutely no clue. All the cooking and handling house hold work, getting to work, working till evening and completing my tasks for that day, and getting back to home, completing the remaining tasks including having dinner and watching T.V were so mechanically done by me, that I am not even knowing how to explain the life less emotion and inherent sadness that was ruling me. It was at the time of getting back to bed, I started realizing with what a ‘Depressed’ mind set, I have spent my day. Tried figuring out the root cause of my dullness but ended up finding out nothing. But came up with a fact atleast that this is not the first day that I am experiencing such clueless emotion all day long. Be it frequent or once in a while, certain days of my life are going ‘Blue’ with no ‘Clue’. And in a day or two, I am being normal with no other option or some funny incident making me laugh.

However, the challenge is to be normal when you are occupied with so ‘abnormal’ emotion. You can call it ‘Sadness’ or even ‘Depression’ at times, based on the situations, but at times it so gets over and rules your mind, getting out of it for you becomes damn difficult.

Well, though there is no exact reason for this kind of an emotion ruling your mind, n number of reasons such as unhealthy atmosphere at home and work place, routine life style, you wanting to change certain things in your life and not being able to do the same when it comes to ‘real’, all your plans not taking a positive turn, working for more than six months continuously without taking a break, and depressing past that you cannot change but have to accept the same and you not being able to practice the same and so on can put together and make you feel ‘Idle’, ‘Sad’ and ‘depressed’. It so feels like your mind has stopped working for some time. now, the concept is how do we get out of such a mindset? Why don’t you try these? I have tried some of them and it worked for me though;

Just leave whatever work you are doing. If you can, take off from work that day. Don’t even force yourself to complete all the tasks and cook at home. just let your family know that you want to drive to dinner along with them. Forget everything else and just chit chat, do masti with your loved ones. Now, be it family, friends or best colleagues, spending time with them, particularly when your mindset is not proper would work wonders for you. Remember; don’t discuss what’s going in your mind with them.

Sing, dance, play and let out that sadness out from you. And exercising every day for atleast 30 minutes be it walking or swimming or any other mode of exercise would not only keep you healthy but also would help your mind stay fit.

Go watch that comedy film, just relax, don’t ever dare to think ‘what’s next’ and just chill. You will be alright.

If you can, cherish all those sweet and best moments that made you happiest in your life and determine to work on inviting more such moments in your future as well.

And don’t worry about your ‘sadness’. It is a emotion, just like all other emotions. So, accept it. Only then you can get out of it the sooner!

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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