Perfect Layered Look

March 07, 2012 18:38
Perfect Layered Look

The layered look never seems to go out of fashion. This style is especially good for looking trendy in winter.

The reason why a layered look is so popular is because it hides flaws but still looks fashionable and not frumpish. A good example for a layered look would be:

Long sleeved shirt
Long, fitted sweater covering butt
Short jacket just past waistline
Tight jeans
Knee high boots
Knitted gloves


Fitted, long sleeved top
Sleeveless sweater
Long coat or long jacket
Leather gloves

Either outfit could be further layered by wrapping a soft pashmina over the jacket or coat.

Not only do layers look good but it also gives you the opportunity to use contrasting colors or even clashing colors to good effect.

Layering can even be used for evening wear. For example,

It is bang on trend right now (according to the catwalks) to wear evening gowns that have been layered in chiffon.

The layering is seen in longer and shorter ruffles around the body and wispy lengths of chiffon from the shoulder.

Different shades of chiffon are used and at times the edges are finished in silk.

Finish this with a wrap also in chiffon or a fragile piece of embroidered silk and diminutive tapestry purse on a delicate gold chain.

You can layer almost any outfit. The secret is to make sure your layers don’t make you look bulky. This means your clothing must not be made of very thick material. In winter, it is the total of layers that keep you warm. A layer can easily be removed if you get hot.

If you are unsure of colors then stick to different shades of the same color i.e. light gray, medium gray and dark gray. To prevent a boring palette wear a pair of bright gloves or scarf.

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