The First Step On How To Apologize To Your Partner For Cheating?

September 09, 2017 14:38
The First Step On How To Apologize To Your Partner For Cheating?

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The First Step On How To Apologize To Your Partner For Cheating?:- Men and women usually cheat because of some sort of sexual or emotional dissatisfaction in their relationship. Cheating is normally never about the other person; in many cases it is more about unmet needs and an undermining dynamic between the couple that creates the cracks that makes cheating possible.

Apologizing is the key to healing the negative feelings caused by the transgression. As a result of the many ways (physical, sexual emotional, texting, cyber, etc) in which people cheat today, cheating can be defined as any intimate act outside a committed relationship.

We all have the basic need to feel safe and loved. We seek validation outside the relationship, when poor communication or whatever else, has eroded in our romantic relationships. The basic reasons why your partner cheats you are :

- Unfulfilled sexual needs

- Monotony in relationship

- Revenge on their primary partner

How To Apologize To Your Partner ?

Preparing For Your Apology

1) Determine Why You Cheated

Apologize For Cheating

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The first thing you should be knowing is cheating often signifies that there is something wrong, or missing with the person who cheated. Find out what that problem is. You can decide how to best address the problem, once you and your partner overcome the initial shock of your actions.

Consider the following questions:

- Are you feeling insecure or unattractive?

- Do you feel that something is missing in your relationship?

- Are you satisfied with your sex life?

- Are you (or were you, at the time of the infidelity) particularly stressed about some aspect of your life?

- Even if is the first time you have cheated, have you thought about it or wanted to cheat for some time now?

2) Determine Whether You Really Want To Stay With Your Partner


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You need to give serious thought to whether or not you really are committed to staying with your partner, based upon your self-assessment from the previous step.

- You hurt your partner, and thus your partner deserves your apology, even if you will eventually decide to go separate ways.

- If you decide to stay together and try to move past this betrayal, the road will not necessarily be smooth, so you should not be willing to put your partner through that if you are not fully committed.

3) Spend Some Time Writing About Your Relationship

Reasons For Cheating

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Consider writing down your reasons, to help you figure out if you are interested in continuing your relationship.

- Why do you want to stay together?

- Try to be as specific as possible. Hopefully you do still love your partner-that should definitely go on the list-but it is fairly vague. What do you love about him/her? What do you enjoy about your relationship? How do you see your future together?

4) Understand What You Are Apologizing For


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Obviously you cheated, and you are going to have to apologize for that. However, you need to let your partner know that you fully understand how and in what ways you hurt them. Be ready to express the specific ways in which you damaged your relationship.

You did not just cheat: you betrayed your partner’s trust, you destroyed their idea of your relationship, you (perhaps) embarrassed your partner, and you possibly put your partner at risk for STDs.


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