Things girls should know about guys, before marriage

February 03, 2016 16:10
Things girls should know about guys, before marriage

Every married couple, would think that, they would have known a few things about their partner before marriage. If  at all you are unhappy with him, after marriage, though you repent, there would be no use. But if you are fortunate, you can know them before too. makes our readers such fortunate ones, by sharing a few things, which you should know before the marriage, to stay away from repenting later.  

1. Best friend

If you get married to your best friend, not even a day in your life, you would worry for mistakes you committed in your household works, as your  friend turned life mate, know you better the marriage itself and so could support you in your work.

2. Drunkard

“I would have never married a drunkard like you, if I know it before the marriage.” This is the most common thing, most of the wives say to their husbands. But the thing to be observed is, is he drinking occasionally or regularly? Unless his drinking habit, do not disturb the relation with you or your children, or have any other effect, other than having a one day faint alike sleep, you can still consider him.

3. Career conscious

Is that mad love on you, is making him, neglect his job. If it is that case, you should think upon. A guy who is not career conscious and falls back of you, may appear sweet in the beginning, but that completely spoils the relation after the marriage.  So make sure your guy is career conscious and would even get ready to postpone an outing with you, getting busy in his work.  

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4. Can you accept his worst side?

He is not going to be the same person, what you saw today. The situations would influence him to turn as a better person or the worst one. Make sure, you can handle those and only then get married. If you feel that you do not want his worst side, it is better to part ways, before getting married.
5. Parents

Be it too much of love on the parents or completely neglecting them. Something would worry you, after the marriage. If your guy has too much love on his parents, find out through his actions, that whether you would be above or below his parents. If it is below his parents, it should worry you, as you would just be restricted to the kitchen.

You should still not be happy, if he treats you more than his parents, as the fact is, a guy who ranks his wife, over the parents, would be a threat to wife too, after a new person, arrives in his life. A guy who can balance his love on both parents and wife, giving them significance, as per the situations, would probably be the best one, a girl can marry.

Make sure you are aware of all the things mentioned above, before the marriage and thus lead a compromising-but still happy life  

By Phani Ch

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