Orgasm Should Not Be the End of Love Making for The day

November 06, 2013 15:58
Orgasm Should Not Be the End of Love Making for The day

In most of the cases in the relationships between wife and husband, it is usually complained by either of them, mostly women that the partner gets down at the moment of orgasm to call it a day.

Love making is to exchange love but not to get spent up to throw one self to the bed to get a good sleep.  Like a fore play before sex, a prolonged exchange of romantic talk, kisses keep the relation more strong and meaningful.

Touch is the best way of communicating love and affection and concern.  Running the fingers not only on the sensual parts of the partner but also an affectionate caressing like a mother’s or father’s love expression also shows your concern about the partner.

Give not only the best in the love act but also share your experience so that it educates the partner and helps to improve relationship with you.  You can also borrow the hobbies of the partner and try to enjoy sincerely but do not give an impression that it is an act of mockery.

The real love is beyond sex and orgasm. If a couple believes and practices it, the love will go a long way between them.  Moods may not be the same every day.  It may go up or go down or may be against love making.  In that case the reason has to be found out and an effort should be there not to make it a hindrance or work as a speed breaker for your partner.  Find out yourself about the change in your mood before your partner does it and go for its correction.

Love making beyond orgasm gives immense satisfaction and also may work for rousing again!


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