How Romantic Movies Inspire Lovers?

September 24, 2012 10:33
 How Romantic Movies Inspire Lovers?

The feeling of falling in love gets more intense when you watch a movie. Movies have a great impact on couples. In most of the cases, it is women who are inspired from love stories. When you watch a romantic movie with your partner, you will see a change in your partner who is affected by the movie. Though the change may be temporary, the big thing is; movies have an impact on your partner! To be honest, there are few points that can be kept in mind from the best romantic movies of all time. Lets take a look...

Points we came to know from romantic movies:

Love is forever: Remember the romantic flick, 'Notebook'? This movie was inspired by Nicolas Sparks book "Notebook". This romantic movie gives a lesson that love lasts forever. Do you remember how Noah (male actor) keeps reminding his lady love about their life by reading the story from a notebook? This movie has clearly shown that men can also be truely yours till death takes them away from you!

Profession is not important: 'Pretty Woman', a romantic movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is a classic example of love. This movie shows that love has no boundaries, no age limit and no professionalism.

Your likes do not work: 'Jab We Met' is a romantic comedy movie that gives this lesson to us. In this movie, Shahid Kapoor, a serious and reserved businessman falls in love with someone whom he would have never imagined! Kareena Kapoor is a girl who is completely opposite from him. Opposite poles attract! No doubt about it... If you are falling for someone who is not what you expected, try to accept and see how life becomes joyous...

Love makes you responsible: This reminds of Ashton Kutcher in the film, 'A Lot Like Love'. A careless and irresponsible man falls in love. How Ashton becomes a responsible man with time and after meeting his friend, Amanda Peet, he falls in love with her. Love definitely makes you responsible.

Lovemaking is not the end: 'Friends With Benefits' is another movie followed by 'No Strings Attached'. Both the movies give a lesson that, lovemaking is not the end of a relationship. Even if you are in an open relationship, you will feel attached to the partner you are sleeping with!

These are few movies that have taught lovers a lesson for a better relationship. Do you know any other movie that has inspired you?

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