Christmas tree: Which is better? A real or fake?

December 24, 2015 16:32
Christmas tree: Which is better? A real or fake?

While many are concerned about the gifts, buying clothes and many more for the Christmas, a few would be surrounded around the thoughts of deciding a tree, from the two options – Natural and Artificial.

While a few feel, Artificial has more scope of decorating and lasts long, a few others say, natural tree, will bring out all the good to the house.

Let us analyze a few of the advantages and disadvantages of a Christmas tree, and finally come to a conclusion in deciding the apt one.

Advantages of an Artificial Christmas Tree

One time buy

Artificial trees can be bought one time and use the same every year, while the natural ones can serve the purpose, only for one year.

Away from Allergy

As the tree is completely artificial, it is completely allergic free and thus puts the people with allergy in the house, under safe zone.

On the other hand, the natural trees are to be watered regularly, to keep them from drying out. Moreover, natural trees can cause several asthma and other respiratory problems.

No pine needles

Natural trees have pine needles which smell good. But while, setting up and removing the tree, several needles sheds all over the place.

You also need to be sure to water the tree or it will start to dry out quickly, causing needles to shed at an even faster rate. But, artificial trees, do not have any such issues.

Wide varieties are available

Natural trees obviously mean, they are in green color and you do not have any other option, if you are sticking to natural. But when it is artificial, you will have many options. You can find a wide variety of unique artificial Christmas trees for sale, like LED lights included tree, snow covered tree. You need not put a special concentration on decorating the tree, as they are already decorated well.

Disadvantages of an artificial Christmas tree

Lacks pine tree smell

The pine smell that a real tree gives, cannot be given by an artificial one. However, a few of the artificial sprays are available in the market, which can serve the temporary purpose.

Chances of fire accidents

Artificial trees are prone to fire accidents. But now a days, even fire resistant trees are available. So if you are particular about artificial trees, choose the fire resistant ones. Otherwise, you can move on with natural trees, where there is no question of any fire accidents.

Analyzing the points above, choose the one, which you can afford and thus celebrate the Christmas with great joy.

Finally, wishes a merry Christmas to all our readers and well wishers.

By Phani Ch

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