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  • healthy food, winter skin care, dreaming for a clear and clean skin, Winter skin care

    Dreaming for a clear and clean skin? 03 December 2012

    Smooth and clear skin is our dream, irrespective of our gender. Smooth and clear skin is a big turn on... but, these skin rashes are definitely a hurdle to our beauty... let's fight against these rashes with the following beauty...

    Keywords: skin care cream, clear skin, rashes skin, healthy food

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    fruits, oats, love your skin be beautiful, Winter skin care

    Love your skin... be beautiful 05 February 2013

    We go for special treatments to enhance our beauty and take a extra effort to take care of our beauty. But are we taking the basic care required??? Here is that; You might be a working professional or a home...

    Keywords: skin type, skin care, vitamins, fruits

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    almond oil, peel off skin, get some life in your skin this winter, Winter skin care

    Get some life in your Skin, this Winter... 14 November 2012

    The winter can be brutal on your skin. Dry heat from radiators zaps moisture, and strong winter winds can lead to increased irritation and redness. Tight dry skin and chapped lips don’t have to be a way of life during...

    Keywords: peel off skin, olive oil, dry body, almond oil

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    skin care winter, indian winter dress, winter skin care for beautiful chicks, Winter skin care

    Winter Skin Care For Beautiful Chicks 16 December 2011

    The beautiful season of winter is here. It's the time to get the woollens out and enjoy the afternoon sun and cosy up with family and friends in front of the fire in the evenings. However, winters can play havoc...

    Keywords: winter skin care, dress for winter, dress for winter, winter skin care

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    cracked heels, cracked heels, proper skin care in peek winter, Winter skin care

    Proper skin care in peek winter 03 January 2013

    Winter is on and the cold of the winter is not only getting into our nerves but into the pores of our skin, making our skin look aged and dry... of course, you all have your own ways of taking...

    Keywords: winter skin care, natural skin glow, cracked heels, cracked hands

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    skin glow, rid of sun tan, worrying about tan, Winter skin care

    Worrying about tan? 04 January 2013

    Sun tan is another big time hurdle for our beauty... while taking winter care we are also getting worried about the coming up Summer... here are some tips that can help you to get rid of that Sun tan and...

    Keywords: rid of sun tan, winter skin care, peeled potato, wash your skin

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    skin care tips, winter skin care, tips for proper moisturizing, Winter skin care

    Tips for proper moisturizing 01 December 2012

    Dry skin is a problem faced by many of us during winter. Everyone prefers applying a moisturizer. But finding the right one which suits your skin and which stays day long is more important. Step in to a store and...

    Keywords: mackup tips, sunscreen, winter skin care, oily skin

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