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  • Terror threat to Sochi Winter Olympics, Jihadi forum, terror threat to sochi winter olympics, Vladimir putin

    Terror threat to Sochi Winter Olympics 21 January 2014

    Just three days before the start of Sochi Winter Olympics a video from Al Qaeda linked extremists is creating worries in Russia.  The video has been posted in familiar Jihadi forum portal and two men were spotted in this video...

    Keywords: Jihadi forum, volgograd city attack, Jihadi forum, In the News

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    withdrawal of troops, Russian armed forces, russians to withdraw troops from syria putin, Vladimir putin

    Russians to withdraw troops from Syria - Putin 15 March 2016

    Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that “the main part” of Russian armed forces in Syria would start to withdraw and told his diplomats to step up the push for peace as U.N.-mediated talks resumed on ending the five-year-old war.Western diplomats...

    Keywords: withdrawal of troops, Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian armed forces

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    Gorbachev, Gorbachev, gorbachev advices putin to follow his suit resign from politics, Vladimir putin

    Gorbachev advices Putin to follow his suit, resign from politics 26 December 2011

    Putin, who gave no public response to the protest Saturday, initially derided the demonstrators as paid agents of the West. In the wake of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s rule tainted with fraud and misleading policies, as per the public...

    Keywords: Russia, Russia, fraud and misleading policies, fraud and misleading policies

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    interfax news agency, gennady onishchenko, russia to shut down 700 schools, Vladimir putin

    Russia to shut down 700 schools 14 August 2013

    Russia's chief public health doctor said on Wednesday that beyond  700 Russian schools are set to close this year due to the deterioration in the number of children of school age. Furthermore, Russia saw birth rates decline dramatically in the...

    Keywords: 700 russian schools come to an end, russia birth rates decline, president vladimir putin, russia birth rates decline

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    Vladimir Putin breaking news, Ukraine, vladimir putin seriously ill says reports, Vladimir putin

    Vladimir Putin Seriously Ill Says Reports 16 May 2022

    Vladimir Putin Seriously Ill Says Reports:- Russian President Vladimir Putin is seriously ill told a former British spy. The reports told that it is not clear exactly about the illness. Christopher Steele, who wrote a dossier on Donald Trump told...

    Keywords: Vladimir Putin seriously ill, Vladimir Putin latest, Russia and Ukraine war, Vladimir Putin

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    PM vladimir putin, andhrawishesh, surprise gossip russian pm was wife beating love cheat, Vladimir putin

    Surprise gossip: Russian PM was wife-beating & love Cheat 04 November 2011

    Startling issues were unraveled by intelligence files unearthed by a spy expert which reveal that the now Russian PM Vladimir Putin, once a KGB officer was branded a wife-beating love cheats. It is said he had numerous sex affairs and...

    Keywords: Tajmahal, PM vladimir putin, PM vladimir putin, Russian prime minister

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    National Anti-Terrorism Committee, St. Petersburg station, st petersburg subway blast kills 11, Vladimir putin

    St Petersburg Subway Blast Kills 11 04 April 2017

    A bomb blast has torn through a subway train deep under Russia’s second-largest city, killing 11 people and wounding more than 40 in a chaotic scene that left victims sprawled on a smoky platform. Hours later, anguish and fear rose...

    Keywords: St. Petersburg station, St. Petersburg station, St Petersburg subway blast, St. Petersburg station

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    Latin America, NSA systems analyst, snowden documents accommodates nsa blueprints, Vladimir putin

    Snowden documents accommodates NSA blueprints 15 July 2013

    A journalist close to the intelligence leaker expressed saying on Sunday, Edward Snowden has very emotional sensibility "blueprints" particularization on how the National Security Agency operates that would give permission to someone who read them to escape by cleverness otherwise...

    Keywords: National Security Agency, Snowden documents accommodates NSA blueprints, Snowden documents accommodates NSA blueprints, The Guardian newspaper

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    moscow, capturing snowden, president vladimir putin accusation on the usa, Vladimir putin

    President Vladimir Putin accusation on the USA 16 July 2013

    President Vladimir Putin of Russia has kept an accusation on the United States of capturing the United States intelligence leaker Edward Snowden in Moscow. Mr Putin known to have expressed that Snowden would go away from Russia within a short...

    Keywords: snowden documents accommodates nsa blueprints, president vladimir putin accusation on the usa, national security agency, president vladimir putin blames the usa

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    Satya Nadella, Lakshmi Mittal, modi in forbes list, Vladimir putin

    Modi in Forbes list 06 November 2014

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ranked 15th in the Forbes list of World's most powerful people. This is debut for Modi in the Forbes magazine and is also the only BJP politician in the list. The international magazine has praised...

    Keywords: Forbes world's most powerful people, Forbes, World's most powerful people, Forbes Magazine

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