• smartphone market, apple iphones 5s, apple iphone sales rewrite critics words, Tim cook

    Apple iPhone sales rewrite critics words 24 September 2013

    Apple made an announcement on Monday that it sold a record nine million iPhones in the three days subsequent to launching two new versions of the smartphone. Furthermore,  Apple chief executive Tim Cook in a statement expressed that this is...

    Keywords: apple iphones 5c, apple iphones sales fixes new record, apple smartphone, challenge the power of prophecy

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    Russia, Russia, zuckerberg wears the same shirt everyday, Tim cook

    Zuckerberg wears the same shirt everyday? 04 October 2012

    Have you ever noticed Zuckerberg? He is almost always spotted in the same grey T-Shirts, (well multiple, but identical) whenever he make his presence anywhere. The crazy young billionaire told the media once that he had over 20 such T-Shirts...

    Keywords: t-shirts, Russia, Mark Zuckerberg, iPhone 5.

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    Apple, Cyber Security, apple to unveil its first data centre in china for better cyber security, Tim cook

    Apple To Unveil Its First Data Centre In China For Better Cyber-Security 13 July 2017

    Apple To Unveil Its First Data Centre In China For Better Cyber-Security:- Apple, in partnership with a local data management firm, is all set to unveil its first data centre in China. As per the sources, the data centre complies...

    Keywords: Apple CEO Tim Cook, Cyber Security, First Data Centre In China, Apple CEO Tim Cook

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    Apple India new records, Apple, apple registers record september quarter in india, Tim cook

    Apple Registers Record September Quarter In India 30 October 2020

    Apple Registers Record September Quarter In India:- Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the third quarter of the sales in India is a new record despite of the coronavirus pandemic. The results are announced on October 29th and Apple saw...

    Keywords: Apple India news, Apple India products, Tim Cook, Apple India news

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    Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, apple ceo gets 378million pay salary best paid ceo in america, Tim cook

    Apple CEO gets $378Million pay/salary - best paid CEO in America 11 January 2012

    The new CEO who had stepped in to the shoes of the late Steve Jobs who was the founder of Apple will shortly be the highest paid CEO in America as per the recent findings of media. According to a...

    Keywords: Cook paid best, Highest Paid CEO, Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs

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    Bloomberg, Bloomberg, apple ceo says he is gay, Tim cook

    Apple CEO says he is gay 30 October 2014

    Tech giant Apple chief executive Tim Cook has publicly acknowledged his sexuality, saying that he is a gay and is proud of it. This is for the first time, Mr. Cook admitted his sexuality in a public platform and the...

    Keywords: gay rights, Tim Cook, Tim Cook gay, Apple

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    Tim Cook, Apple, apple s tim cook to donate all his wealth, Tim cook

    Apple's Tim Cook to donate all his wealth 27 March 2015

    Fortune magazine cited the head of the world's largest technology corporation as saying that he planned to leave all his wealth to charities and good causes after paying for his 10-year-old nephew's college tuition.As per Fortune, based on his holdings...

    Keywords: Apple, Philanthropy, Apple, Apple

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    Apple smashes iPad, CEO Tim Cook, apple smashes ipad iphone sales records, Tim cook

    Apple smashes iPad, iPhone sales records 25 January 2012

    Apple's earnings juggernaut has shown no signs of slowing in the post-Steve Jobs era, with the company posting record iPhone and iPad sales. Cupertino says Q1 2012 was its best quarter ever in terms of revenue, bringing in $46.33 billion...

    Keywords: iPhone sales records, iphone and ipad, Steve jobs era, iPhone sales records

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    Yahoo, Tim Cook, mayer s lavish salary package from yahoo, Tim cook

    Mayer's Lavish salary package from Yahoo! 21 July 2012

    What could have triggered Marissa Mayer to move to Yahoo from Google where she had ample recognition? If the position is one thing, the major reason is the package that she is receiving. Marissa is entitled to over $129 millio...

    Keywords: Yahoo, Tim Cook, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo

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    Tim Cook, iPhone, tim cook reveals why iphones are not hot in indian markets, Tim cook

    Tim Cook Reveals Why IPhones Are Not Hot In Indian Markets 30 January 2019

    Tim Cook Reveals Why IPhones Are Not Hot In Indian Markets:- Apple CEO Tim Cook skipped about the sales of iPhones in India during the company's earnings after which he revealed the reasons why iPhones are not hot in Indian...

    Keywords: Apple, Tim Cook new, Tim Cook next, Tim Cook updates

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    Red Chillis Entertainment, Brand Ambassador, srk to be the brand ambassador of apple india, Tim cook

    SRK to be the Brand Ambassador of Apple India 03 June 2016

    Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is going to become the brand ambassador of Apple India. The formal announcement will be made when Apple launches its latest iPhone models in India later this year. Apple CEO Tim Cook, who attended a private...

    Keywords: Brand Ambassador, Apple, Shah Rukh Khan, India

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    Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch SE, apple watch series 6 and se announced, Tim cook

    Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Announced 16 September 2020

    Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Announced:- Apple's annual affair takes place in September every year during which a series of products are announced. This year it is a virtual press conference because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the...

    Keywords: Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6 news, Apple Watch Series 6 news, Apple Watch Series 6

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    Apple Watch, smart-watch, apple watch next runaway hit, Tim cook

    Apple Watch next runaway hit 10 April 2015

    Consumers in Australia flocked to Apple Inc's store in Sydney on Friday to get the world's first up-close look at the tech giant's smart-watch. The Apple Watch, CEO Tim Cook's first new major product, was available for pre-order online and...

    Keywords: Tim Cook, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPhone

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