• daring tips, personality development tips, your silence makes them sweat, Silence

    Your silence makes them sweat 29 April 2015

    When you know you committed a fault and the opposition is now trying to catch hold of you and beat. You will obviously be afraid seeing them. Your legs starts shaking and heart beat increases. But you hide all those...

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    Meditate Everyday to Think Clearly, meditate, meditate everyday to think clearly, Silence

    Meditate Everyday to Think Clearly 20 November 2013

    Modern world is fast paced, an age of instant connectivity. You are constantly connected to other people through cell phones, television and internet. In such a life there is hardly any time left for ourselves, when we can meditate and...

    Keywords: beauty of silence, meditate, meditate, meditation

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    Hrithik Roshan news, Kangana Ranaut, hrithik finally breaks the silence about kangana, Silence

    Hrithik Finally Breaks The Silence About Kangana 05 October 2017

    Hrithik Finally Breaks The Silence About Kangana:- Bollywood top actor Hrithik Roshan and actress Kangana Ranaut have been into an ugly brat with each other from the past few months. The fight reached new levels that both the actors slapped...

    Keywords: Hrithik Roshan about Kangana, Hrithik Roshan latest, Hrithik Roshan report, Hrithik Roshan case

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    New Capital costs 5 lakh crores, AICC announces Telangana Statehood, babu breaks silence on state division, Silence

    Babu Breaks Silence On State Division 31 July 2013

    The Telugu Desam Party President Chandra Babu talked today on the division of the State of Andhra Pradesh breaking his silence on the issue for some time.   He talked to the media from his residence today afternoon.  He said...

    Keywords: Telugu Desam Party, AICC announces Telangana Statehood, AICC announces Telangana Statehood, Babu demands funds for new Capital

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    Anushka latest news, R Madhavan, anushka s silence starts shooting, Silence

    Anushka's Silence Starts Shooting 25 May 2019

    Anushka's Silence Starts Shooting:- Super talented actress Anushka has been away from films from the past one and half year. She hasn't been seen across the circles of Telugu cinema after the release of Bhaagamathie. Now after she lost weight,...

    Keywords: Anushka, Anushka new movie, Silence, Anushka comeback

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    Kejriwal questions Modi on Dadri lynching case, Dadri lynching case, kejriwal questions modi s silence on dadri lynching case, Silence

    Kejriwal questions Modi’s silence on Dadri lynching case 05 October 2015

    Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence over Dadri lynching case Andhrawishesh previously reported on Dadri lynching case stating that, a Hindu mob allegedly attacked a Muslim for possessing the beef and killed him brutally. The issue...

    Keywords: Dadri lynching case, Kejriwal questions Modi on Dadri lynching case, Dadri lynching case, Kejriwal questions Modi on Dadri lynching case

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    Bhai romantic songs, Bhai audio release, no more silence bhai raises his head, Silence

    No more silence, Bhai raises his head 12 October 2013

    Akkineni Nagarjuna has remained silent for long enough. With the political agitations creating considerable noise and then Pawan Kalyan's Attarintiki Daredi creating hulchul at the box office, Bhai bullets have taken a break. Through the release of Ramayya Vasthavayya too,...

    Keywords: Devi Sri Prasad, Veerabhadram, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Nagarjuna Bhai audio

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    Nayantara, Nayantara, nayantara finally breaks her silence, Silence

    Nayantara Finally Breaks her Silence 04 July 2016

    Actress Nayantara is upset with rumors about she being unprofessional. Recently their were reports that Nayantara wasn't cooperating to producer of her upcoming Telugu film ‘Babu Bangaram’. Nayan said that she has allotted her dates to the film as per...

    Keywords: rumors, producer, Nayantara, Nayantara

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    #JusticeForRishiteshwari, Rishiteshwari suicide issue, rishiteshwari suicide university silence on tnsf attack, Silence

    Rishiteshwari suicide: University silence on TNSF attack 27 July 2015

    Rishikeshwari suicide is a result of many university level politics internally, the sources say.     The MBA department students in the Nagarjuna University had created a group in the social media, for discussing about the various issues, related to the university, like...

    Keywords: Rishiteshwari suicide issue, #WeWantJustice, #WeWantJustice, Rishiteshwari suicide issue

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    Kajal increases remuneration, Kajal remuneration, kajal breaks her silence on remuneration rumors, Silence

    Kajal breaks her silence on remuneration rumors 28 September 2013

    Actress Kajal, who had a great run in Telugu and Tamil film industries so far, has broken her silence regarding the wild rumors of her hiked remuneration. Justifying her stand, she agreed that she wants a better remuneration but not...

    Keywords: Kajal Agarwal, Kajal Agarwal, Kajal increases remuneration, Kajal Agarwal

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    Acharya Trisha, Acharya news, megastar breaks his silence on trisha s exit from acharya, Silence

    Megastar Breaks His Silence On Trisha's Exit From Acharya 09 April 2020

    Megastar Breaks His Silence On Trisha's Exit From Acharya:- Megastar Chiranjeevi is shooting for Acharya which is made on a huge budget. Koratala Siva is the director and Trisha is the leading lady in this big-budget film. Trisha has been...

    Keywords: Acharya updates, Trisha, Acharya latest, Acharya

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    Jokes, Funny Jokes, reason behind rgv s silence on chiru 150, Silence

    Reason behind RGV’s silence on Chiru 150 30 April 2016

    News: Chiranjeevi 150 movie launchedWhy is RGV still silent?By Phani Ch

    Keywords: Jokes, Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes

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    Hyderabad Noise Pollution, Telangana Pollution Control Board, horns and fancy silencers increase noise pollution tpcb, Silence

    Horns and Fancy Silencers Increase Noise Pollution: TPCB 20 March 2017

    In the latest data released by the Telangana Pollution Control Board, the noise levels in the city are always 15 percent above the limits. The board stated that the use of pressure horns and fancy silencers (which intensifies noise of...

    Keywords: Car horns, Hyderabad noise pollution, fancy silencers, fancy silencers

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    Silly Jokes, Funny Jokes, punch to ap mps silence on ap special status issue, Silence

    Punch to AP MPs silence on AP special status issue 31 July 2015

    News: Why AP MPs are silent on AP special status issuePunch: Students generally study only during the exams. Not in the summer holidays or during the academic year.

    Keywords: Jokes, Funny Jokes, Silly Jokes, Funny Jokes

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    US, Indian Jailed, indian in us jailed for illegally selling gun silencers, Silence

    Indian In US Jailed For Illegally Selling Gun Silencers 28 July 2017

    Indian In US Jailed For Illegally Selling Gun Silencers:- The Department of Justice said, an Indian in the US has been jailed for 30 months for illegally selling gun silencers and was planning to smuggle more. The gun silencers are...

    Keywords: US, Pitampura, Pitampura, US Customs

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    Kangana Ranaut, Varun Dhawan, queen fame actress kangana finally breaks her silence on nepotism debate, Silence

    Queen Fame Actress Kangana Finally Breaks Her Silence On Nepotism Debate 22 July 2017

    Queen Fame Actress Kangana Finally Breaks Her Silence On Nepotism Debate:- Queen fame actress, Kangana Ranaut has broken her silence finally on the nepotism debate. The debate had hit the headlines when Karan Johar, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan...

    Keywords: IIFA Awards, IIFA Awards, IIFA Awards, Kangana Ranaut

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    Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes, punch on trs silence on pushkaraalu deaths, Silence

    Punch on TRS silence on pushkaraalu deaths 15 July 2015

    News: Except TRS party, all oppositions had criticized TDP for the deaths at PushkaraaluPunch: Dog cannot kill the cat, when Lion is in front of it By Phani

    Keywords: Funny Jokes, Silly Jokes, Jokes, Silly Jokes

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    sexual taboo, gynaecologist, don t suffer in silence, Silence

    Don't suffer in silence 13 December 2013

    Today women might talk about birds and bees openly and discuss everything under the sun quite unabashedly, but when it comes to talking about something important and worrying like vagina dryness, most women go tongue-tied. They choose to suffer in...

    Keywords: libido, women, libido, vagina

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    chandrababu naidu campaign in telangana, naidu, questions raising over naidu s silence after telangana elections, Silence

    Questions Raising Over Naidu's Silence After Telangana Elections 08 December 2018

    Questions Raising Over Naidu's Silence After Telangana Elections:- Telugu Desam Party Chief Chandrababu Naidu after aggressively campaigning against K Chandrashekar Rao in Telangana and played a critical role in Telangana Assembly Elections is tight-lipped after the elections, though, leaders of...

    Keywords: chandrababu naidu in ap, chandrababu naidu in andhra pradesh, Telangana Elections, state

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    Adithi funeral, Adithi, adithi s funeral held govt maintains strategic silence, Silence

    Adithi’s funeral held, govt. maintains strategic silence 03 October 2015

    Adithi, a six year old girl, who was missing since week, was found dead at Bhogapuram beach in Vizianagaram district, after she was slipped into the drain. Her funeral was held yesterday amidst of thousands of tearful eyes. It seems,...

    Keywords: Adithi funeral, Adithi, Adithi funeral, Adithi death

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