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  • google fiber, new technology, ready for 5g, Samsung electronics

    Ready for 5G? 14 May 2013

    We have had 56k modems doing mediocre jobs a few years ago until recently when they go converted to high speed internet but the thirst of the humans for the information has not even been remotely reached until a couple...

    Keywords: uHD, internet speed, Samsung Electronics, ultra HD

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    Silicon Valley, iPhone 5, apple to unveil iphone 5 on sep 12, Samsung electronics

    Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on Sep 12 31 July 2012

    A source who is well informed about the happenings at Apple had stated that the new Apple iPhone 5 would be launched at a major event that is to be held on the 12th September. The much awaited phone which...

    Keywords: iPhone, iPhone, iPhone 5, Samsung Electronics

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    apple's iphone 5., smartphones, gets bigger in size, Samsung electronics

    Gets bigger in size? 20 August 2013

    Smartphones are getting bigger as people use them more to watch movies as well as play games. Excitingly, a new one from Samsung is beyond big. Accompanied by a screen measuring 16cm diagonally, the Galaxy Mega is nearly as big...

    Keywords: smartphones, samsung electronics co, galaxy mega 6.3 inches, samsung electronics co

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    andorid, andorid, samsung developing own platform, Samsung electronics

    Samsung developing own platform? 21 March 2013

    Samsung has earned itself a name in the smartphone market with its superior models available at all price ranges. However, the success is not all Samsung since it is all majorly developed on the Google Android platform. In fact over...

    Keywords: google, andorid, andorid, Samsung Electronics

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    Galaxy S3, Samsung Electronics, critics like galaxy s3, Samsung electronics

    Critics like Galaxy S3 30 May 2012

    Samsung Electronics rolled out its Galaxy S3 into the European market on Tuesday and it has received a good response even from the critics. While hailing Galaxy S3, critics have said that this smart phone is light years ahead of...

    Keywords: Galaxy S3, iPhone 4, Samsung Electronics, iPhone 4

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    apple iphone, samsung galaxy s4, samsung smartwatch, Samsung electronics

    Samsung smartwatch? 20 March 2013

    Samsung electronics is reportedly working on a wearable smartphone that would be like a wristwatch while leaving no respite for Apple Inc which is also working on a similar device allegedly named iWatch to go with their line of products....

    Keywords: Samsung Electronics, smartwatch vs iphone, samsung smartphone, samsung galaxy s4

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    Samsung latest, Narendra Modi, modi inaugurates the world s biggest mobile manufacturing factor, Samsung electronics

    Modi Inaugurates The World's Biggest Mobile Manufacturing Factor 10 July 2018

    Modi Inaugurates The World's Biggest Mobile Manufacturing Factor:- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with South Korean President Moon Jae-in inaugurated Samsung Electronics mobile manufacturing factory which is said to be the world's largest in the world and is located...

    Keywords: Samsung Noida factory, Samsung latest, Samsung Electronics, Samsung new

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    Apple's iPhone, , iphone 5 android 4 1 galaxy s iii note 10 1 dragged into patent fight, Samsung electronics

    iPhone 5, Android 4.1, Galaxy S III, Note 10.1 dragged into patent fight 16 November 2012

    A US judge on Thursday allowed Samsung Electronics to pursue claims that the iPhone 5 infringes its patents, while also allowing Apple to add claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy S III and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating...

    Keywords: , iPhone 5, , Apple's iPhone

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    iPhone 5, Wall Street Journal, smaller iphone is real, Samsung electronics

    Smaller iPhone is real! 10 January 2013

    It is now confirmed that Apple is working on its iPhone's latest version which is going to be smaller and cheaper. Who doesn't love an iPhone that comes cheap now! That exactly could be the ideology of Apple as the...

    Keywords: iPhone 5, cheaper iPhone, iPhone 5, smaller iPhone

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung Electronics, samsung electronics launches of galaxy tab s3 in india, Samsung electronics

    Samsung Electronics Launches Of Galaxy Tab S3 in India 21 June 2017

    Samsung Electronics Launches Of Galaxy Tab S3 in India:- In a recent development, the Samsung Electronics has unveiled its new tablet under the name “Samsung Galaxy Tab S3” in India. The company officials said, Galaxy Tab S3 comes with a...

    Keywords: Premium Tablet, Premium Tablet, India, Samsung Electronics

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    Nokia,, easy access for all, Samsung electronics

    Easy access for all 21 August 2013

    Facebook Inc's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has entered into an engagement with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Qualcomm Inc and four other companies for a project aimed at bringing Internet access to people around the world who can't afford it, faithful...

    Keywords: Keeps everyone connected,, Access for all, Google Inc

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